Secrets of Food Styling and Photography

Here’s an eye-opening look at the world of food styling and photography, where Elmer’s glue is used for cereal milk, hamburgers are filled with sponges, brownies are sprayed with WD-40, and salad is padded with mashed potatoes. Food stylist Kim Krejca and photographer Rick Gayle discuss some of the tricks and techniques used to make food look as appetizing as possible while keeping it realistic. It’s an episode from Adorama’s How’d They Do That? series of videos.

(via f stoppers)

  • Keri

    Captions? Transcripts? …thanks…

  • Laura

    Amazing…10+ minutes of video and not one actual shot of how anything is done – just talk of tools, equipment, and finished shots.

    Obviously, I understand wanting to keep some trade secrets, but, really, there could have been at least one or two actual shots/examples of the sponges behind the burger bun or how wax is used, etc.

    Other than that, some good verbal tips about the necessary tools of the trade and why you need some of them and some very good tips from Kim about being prepared for the job (“If they ask for white bowls, I get seven different types of white bowls”) and thinking about who she is working for (both the photographer and the actual client)

  • seegullmedia

    Seriously, I’m not a huge fan of food styling and I consider myself a fantastic food photographer. If a professional chef makes a dish, to me it doesn’t need to be “styled” any more to look great in a photograph. Proof? Here are some examples of my own food photography, with little to no styling done besides placement of plate on a table.

  • Veronica

    this was kinda boring.. i wanted to see more photos… she just talked about the instruments she used and how she got them… i would have liked to see how the used them and examples…

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