Defiant Herring Gull Photo Wins British Photography Awards 2010

The above photo of a defiant Herring Gull braving a wave has won this years British Wildlife Photography Awards, netting photographer Steve Young the £5000 cash prize.

Judge Greg Armfield of the WWF commented,

This is a unique and striking image. One that captures perfectly the power, chaos and intensity of the ocean as it surrounds the majestic gull.

While judge Tom Hind of Getty Images is quoted as saying,

I like the defiance in this shot – the gull’s refusal to be moved in the face of this crashing wave seems to sum up a peculiarly British stoicism! It’s also a great example of how the commonplace can be transformed in a judicious moment.

Check out the winners of each individual category here.

  • James Bruno

    HAHA WOOOOW! Didn’t even budge!

  • alunjoseph

    I love the seaweed being thrown up by the waves. It looks like an explosion that the bird hasn’t quite noticed yet. Robert Duvall in Apocolypse now springs to mind.

  • Mikeprice4269

    Outstanding photograph, it is one of those where the world freezes around you. That is all that needs to be said not some bullshit philosophical nonsense as the photo doesn’t fucking need that, the photographer wasn’t trying to take some deep meaning photograph, he was trying to create an artistic wondrous wildlife photo and he managed that in a lucky moment in time but still brilliant nonetheless!