Tilt Shift Effect Added to Famous Van Gogh Paintings

Here’s a fun idea: take famous landscape paintings and add a tilt-shift effect to them! This series of images was created by Artcyclopedia using famous Van Gogh paintings. We love how the selective focus gives the paintings a new dimension.

Neat, huh? To create your own, you can either do it yourself in Photoshop or use a web app that does it for you.

Check out the entire slideshow over on Artcyclopedia here.

Tilt-Shift Van Gogh (via Gizmodo)

  • Pat O’Brien

    Very cool! Gives them a very 3D effect.

  • Michael

    What a fantastic idea!

  • .

    None of them appear to have shift, only the tilt effect.

  • Ben Goode

    wow! They now look 3D

  • Michael Zhang

    Righto, we should have maybe said “tilt-shift lens effect”.

  • Mute

    Nice, though it’s a variety of depth of field and tilt shift effects.

  • James Bruno

    Amazing! It geves the paintings so much perspective, it’s awesome!

  • Mute

    None of them are tilt-shift lens effects, they’re imitating depth of field. You can see on the last one for example the tops of the buildings and trees in the mid-ground is masked out from the blur, or in the fourth one, where the figures walking on the path are ‘cut out’ from the blurred area. Tilt-shift doesn’t discriminate between physical planes, depth of field does.

    Pedantic I know, but it’s a different thing.

  • Faust

    This is absolutely horrendous. At the very best kitsch, down there with 2006’s HDR photography, and 1994’s Magic Eye. Just another pitiful example of how a photographer still is desperate to be seen as an artist, and falls short yet again.