Backwards Music Video with 600 Pillows

The music video for “My Favorite Pillow” by Rhett & Link has the same kind of awesomeness and creativity that made OK Go the kings of viral music videos. Released less than a week ago, the video already has millions of views. It’s a backwards music video in which everything is playing in reverse, but the singers still manage to mouth the words correctly. There’s also 600 pillows used in the video, which obviously creates instant awesomeness in itself.

If you’re curious how something like this is made, here’s a behind-the-scenes video that shows the forward versions of the same scenes.

It’s interesting how they lip-sync to backwards vocals to have the vocals match up when the video is run in reverse.

There you have it — inspiration for a creative way to go about making your next video.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • audio

    Mute Math’s Typical was so much better.

  • Ranger9

    It’s too bad so many of these clever videos have such utterly lame songs to go with them.

  • Michael Zhang

    Here’s a url to that video for people who haven’t seen it before (like me):

    Love it =)

  • audio

    Thought you of all people would have seen it. (:

    The making-of vid for the Mute Math video is really cool. The singer’s backwards lyrics and the guitar/bass backwards parts are nothing compared to the drummer. They have a clip of him playing the rock beat backwards, and it sounds bananas.

    Link here:

  • audio

    Also, it’s done in one take.

  • Jacob

    Well Rhett and Link’s song is an ad, so you can’t be too hard on it.

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