You Probably Don’t Own This Leica MP2

This Leica MP2 camera and matching Wetzlar electric motor are going up for auction at WestLicht Auction in December of this year. The starting price for this auction is €80,000 (~$105,000), and the camera is expected to fetch up to €180,000 (~$235,440).

The reason this camera is so darn valuable is because while Leica MP2s are already quite rare, only six of them were ever made in black. This is one of them — the first to ever be offered for sale, and in fully original condition. Welcome to the crazy wonderful world of Leica collecting.

Do you think photographers in the future (assuming they exist) will be collecting any cameras being made during our time?

(via The Online Photographer)

  • Tito Perez

    This Nikon D60 of mine should fetch for a pretty penny in the future I’m sure. It’s an investment!

  • Tito Perez

    This Nikon D60 of mine should fetch for a pretty penny in the future I’m sure. It’s an investment!

  • Michael Zhang

    Did you get the black gold special edition? ;-)

  • NU

    It looks like a Lomography Spinner 360°. :))

  • Ansel

    The Nikon D60 will suck in the future. Best of luck anyway.

  • Todd Walker

    Hey “Ansel,” ever hear of sarcasm? Try not to be rude, even on the internet.

  • Elias

    I’m guessing digital cameras will largely lose value in the future. A few models here and there might hold some value as collector’s items, but the lower build quality and the fact that digital just keeps getting more advanced means there’s no real reason for them to retain value. Part of the reason old film cameras hold value is their quality manufacturing combined with the ageless technology that is film.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing will fucking last over 20 years. Things lasted when they didn’t rely on circuitry. Electronics in cameras from the 90’s are already failing, when you still see tons of fully functioning mechanical cameras kicking around.

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  • James

    I think the same cameras that held value then will hold value now. Will your 70D be worth anything 50 years from now? i doubt it, but i could see a Titanium Leica M10 Selling for a pretty penny down the road. The real difference between now and then is that there are a lot more cheap camera’s being sold, so 50 years from now they’re not going to be rare.

    Just look on ebay you can buy old camera’s for cheap, just not old good cameras.