Thousands of People in 21 Countries Walking in Stop-Motion

life.turns. is a creative crowd-sourced stop-motion project by photo sharing service Blipfoto. By dividing the motion of a human walking into eight simple frames, they invited contributors to submit photos of people in one of the eight poses. 1025 photos were submitted in 40 days. After putting the submissions in sequence and aligning them, what resulted was a stop-motion video of thousands of people in 21 different countries walking.

The film was first shown at the 2010 Edinburgh Art Festival. Check out the project page here.


  • Lorena

    it gets more beautiful – and more funky – the longer it goes on.

  • Lemonadelala

    this would work so much better if the background was consistent, but i guess cutting out the people out of so many pictures would be quite time consuming…

  • leroy

    nice idea, but the music is a bit annoying imo..

  • Flickrman

    Good work, but not so interesting as stop-motion :((

  • mildday

    Backward Play!!

  • Tamjam

    a good demonstration of how an idea thats promising can come off as awfully “try hard” in execution.

    nice try but stiff, clumsy and ends up de-humanising and making a parody of the “flow of Life” with music that makes it pompous.

    but props for trying it ppl!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the criticisms above. It doesn’t flow well enough to be considered stop motion in my opinion. It’s jarring and ugly and tries a bit too hard. Good idea, poor execution.

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