Posts Published in August 2010

Canon Versus Nikon Destruction Tests

This is a 17 minute video showing Kai over at DigitalRev (the same guy that painted a Nikon D90 pink) putting a Canon 400D and Nikon D70 through various torture tests. The tests include stabbing them with knives, dropping them down escalators, smashing them with elevator doors, using them as stilts, and more.

It’s painful to watch, and not just because beautiful cameras are being abused — the video is much too long. However, it’s interesting to see how much damage entry-level DSLR cameras can take and still remain functional.

Using Tiny Children as an Optical Illusion in Product Photography

We’ve all heard of trickery that goes into many kinds of photography to make something look more appealing to consumers, whether it’s a Big Mac at McDonalds or the swimming pool at a motel. Sometimes the discrepancy isn’t worth complaining about, but this wasn’t the case for David Ng (currently a guest blogger over at Boing Boing) when he purchased the Banzai Wild Waves Water Park. He took a photograph of the box art and then a photograph of his two children standing next to the actual inflatable water slide.

What we learn is that the product photographer used tiny children when photographing the slide. Just kidding. Unless the photog actually hired six miniature-yet-perfectly-proportional children as models, this is a pretty nasty case of dishonest photo-manipulation.

Reviewers on Amazon agree, giving the product two out of five stars. Here’s a sample comment:

It is a tiny piece of junk. I know a lot of things are mildly digitally enhanced these days but I have studied the picture and there is just NO way that is the product. I mean I dont know anything about doctoring photos but it is so grossly obvious in this case even a kid could tell. My 3 yr old can barely slide down b/c the other end of the pool is in the way.

At least the box says “product may not be as appears on image”.

(via Boing Boing)

Hilarious Parody of Photo Enhancing in Movies and TV Shows

A while back we shared a video in a post titled “The Cliche of Enhancing Images in Movies” that compiled clips from movies and TV shows in which “photo experts” did absurd and impossible “enhancements” to photos and videos in order to solve mysteries. The above clip from British sitcom Red Dwarf pokes fun at this cliche, and takes it to the extreme. Enjoy.

Wedding Photographers Get Grooms Excited by Bundling iPad with Albums

Some wedding photographers offer a package that includes an iPad pre-loaded with images from that special day.

It’s a simple, yet brilliant way to get both bride and (especially) groom more excited about the album — while assuring their photos won’t lie forgotten in a dusty album years later.

The digital trend is catching on, said Pennsylvania-based photographer Daniel Lanton, who bundles the iPad with engagement photos. Lanton said in an interview with Tampa Bay Online that the iPad it adds a bit more immediacy to the images, as well as a sort of permanence in a new digital age:

“I just foresee a time when the wedding album becomes non-existent or continues falling away … Now I’m selling more iPads with bound albums. I sold six in the first week.”

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Cute Pico Projector Concept Smiles Back

This adorable Pico projector concept which comes hot on the heels of Nikon’s more standard-looking S1100pj projector camera. The Pico, envisioned by René Wooram Lee, combines form and function in its anthropomorphic design: its blue “eye” is a projector lens and its greenish “eye” is the camera lens. The center smile is actually a microphone. The two feet not only double as a stand for the pico projector cam, but they also cover a mini-USB port and what looks like an audio jack. Brilliant!

(via Yanko Design)

Four Eyes and One Reflection of a Boy Making Pancakes

Put your detective hats on — there’s a photo mystery going on over at Boing Boing. Luke Mandle sent in the above photograph of his little boy, Boing Boing published it asking readers to explain it, and how there’s a fine and informative debate in the comments.
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Camera Bag and Purse Hybrid for the Nikon D90 by Luxirare

We’re not exactly sure how practical this bag is, but it’s definitely among the more unique camera bags we’ve come across. The Leopard Print Camera Bag by fashion webzine Luxirare is a camera bag/purse hybrid that houses a Nikon D90, a cell phone, and some credit cards, and allows you to shoot without removing the camera from the bag.
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Crazy 3D Projection Mapping on a Historic Building in Amsterdam

A recent fad in advertising is to use 3D projection mapping on buildings at night to create jaw-dropping effects. The above video shows an ad Samsung ran on a historic building in Amsterdam to promote the Samsung 3D LED TV. A perfect representation of the building is first projected onto the actual building, and then mind-blowing things begin to happen.

Have any of you seen one of these demonstrations in real life?

How Number Superstitions Affect Camera Model Numberings

Here’s a bit of camera/culture trivia for this beautiful Friday: Did you know that Japanese culture and many East Asian cultures dislike the number 4? Check out the above screenshot from the Wikipedia page on the Canon PowerShot G line of cameras. Notice how Canon never released a PowerShot G4.
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Dude Shoots the Moon with an iPhone 4

Believe it or not, the above photograph was made with an iPhone 4. jurilog created a tiny astrophotography kit using a small telescope you can buy online for ¥9,800 (~$115) and a miniature tripod mount.
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