Photographers Rights Cards Now Available to Canada and the UK

Good news — We’re now shipping our Photographers Rights Gray Cards to Canada and the UK. Most of the guidelines listed on the cards should apply to your country, though you should research and look up the differences if you decide to order our cards. The price is the same as for US residents, and we’re offering free shipping to Canada and the UK as well!

Grab yours over in the PetaPixel store!

  • In_search99

    I’m wondering about the information you have on your cards. Where did you get the information on the cards? Is it accurate as per the law in the USA? If we are to use these cards to defend our rights, what basis do we know they are accurate?

  • Michael Zhang

    They’re very common guidelines you can find all over the Internet, though for actual legal advice you should contact a lawyer.

    Many of the rules were based on information provided by Bert Krages’ on his rights flyer: That’s another good resources you might want to print out and carry around, as it’s much more descriptive.

  • In_search99

    Thanks Michael, I have printouts from Berts Site, and they are very discriptive I agree. It would be nice if a product had more weight behind it than guidelines from the internet, which as you said are all over the internet.

    Thanks for the reply

  • Anonymous

    If the cards have rules that “should” apply to my country, how do I know which rules govern my rights as a photographer here in Canada?

    What you’re saying is if I go out and buy a set of these cards, I still have to look up the rights I have as a photographer here in Canada? Then cross-reference that with the grey cards? Kinda seems expensive if I buy the cards at $15 and still have to look up the information on them that might not be correct.

    I’ve gone through the links you provided in this article, including the one for the text file you have that shows what is displayed on the cards. You noted your references come from places like Wikipedia, Flickr or even USA Today. Last I looked Wikipedia wasn’t a truthful source as anyone with an account an add/remove/edit content provided there. Hard to use a Wikipedia reference when a police officer is demanding I give up my camera to him.

    For right now, I see that this would only really function as a grey card set.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tyler. The cards are designed for photographers in the United States. We’re making them available to other countries as well because we’re received a lot of requests to do so.

  • Mark Shannon

    I would imagine they’d be handy for photographers from other countries travelling within the United States, who may otherwise be unaware of their rights in a (to them) foreign country.