Make “Face Movies” with Google’s Picasa

Google added a neat feature called “Face Movies” to its Picasa photo software last week. This feature uses facial recognition technology to help you create a movie slideshow where a person’s face is aligned in each photograph. An example of something you can do with this feature is to create a slideshow of your child growing up (like in the example Face Movie above).

Picasa is free, so head on over to Google and download it if you want to create a Face Movie.

  • Flickrman

    Very nice indeed!

  • Nender

    It’s a cool idea, but slightly creepy looking in practice.

  • Quillan Smith

    Good idea!

  • DM|ZE

    Awesome I’d like to play with that, hopefully I can get it to work in linux.

  • DSLR Video Studio

    Nice easy quick simple idea for using photographic images for creating face movies.