Thief Accidentally Appears in Background of Family Photo

Notice anything strange about the photograph above? It shows the Myers family taking a photograph together outside the Capital building in Madison, Wisconsin. Look a little closer, and you’ll see that their Canon G7 caught something unusual.

Yup. That’s a thief stealing the Myers’ bag while they’re turned the other way and looking at the camera. Here’s their story, originally published by Gizmodo:

We were taking pictures outside the Capitol building and I wanted to get a timed shot of the whole family all dressed up. So I put my bag down, placed the camera on a wall, got everyone to line up, set the timer for ten seconds, and jumped into the photo. I took a quick look at the image and liked it.

We then started to walk away when I realized my bag was missing. I went inside the building to see if someone had turned it in, but no luck. I ran outside and circled the building, but still no luck.

I then realized that I might have caught the thief on camera and I checked the shot again. When I saw the guy with his hand in my bag, I ran back inside and found the Capitol Police. They were amazing. They immediately sent out a description of the thief using the photo I took. In a few minutes, one officer had found him still in the area. The thief had dumped some things from the bag in a nearby trash can—the flash for my camera, a small backpack of kids toys, a bag of cables, extra SD cards, my mini tripod—but still in my bag were my wallet with cash, credit cards, hotel keys, rental car keys, and my iPad.

The Police recovered everything and hauled the guy off to jail.

Yay for accidental photobombs!

  • Simon

    funny that the stuff he dumped in the trash was probably worth just as what he kept…

  • Shotgun

    All that…AND a ninja in a pink dress. This is my vote for photo of the week.

  • Carolina

    Great story, perhaps next time it will be a better idea to leave the bag next to the camera, so when you jump in the photo you can keep an eye on your bag!!! So glad the cops found the guy and you got all your stuff back.

  • Kurt Ricketts

    I notice something strange about the photograph… the family left their bag with all of their belongings completely unattended and nowhere close to where they were standing.

    Common sense would have prevented this.

  • Dzibus87

    either the thief had accomplice, or there was a guy who saw everything and said nothing… notice the leg under the dad’s arm…

    or this is just fake :D

  • Bob O’Hara

    Nice photo, too.

  • Animesh

    hey Dzibus87! gud spotting! seems like the cops missed sumthing after all. . .

  • GEllenburg

    Or simply perhaps the bystander thought the thief was rummaging through his OWN bag?

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I love it when scum gets scraped off the street and into jail where they belong.

  • Helen Noordam-Parr

    awesome! this is so cool!! how often do you get that! a good happy ending!

  • brian

    I agree

  • Flickrman

    See the lady kept her handbag safely right behind her :)

  • Rats

    Absolutely- don’t be stupid, people!

  • Skot Beilke

    and the real crime… shorts and dress shoes!

  • Anonymous

    ahah, crime of fashion FTL!

  • Ranger9

    Yeah, a little more ‘situational awareness’ would have been apropos — but come on, this happened in MADISON, WISCONSIN, where normally you could go off and leave a roll of $100 bills on a park bench and they’d still be there when you came back the next day (unless squirrels got them.) Then again, this was near the Capitol Building, an area where admitted politicians are known to congregate…

  • Guest

    I’m sorta thinking that it simply wasn’t all that bright for them to leave a bag full of stuff on the doorstep of a building 50 feet away and then ignore it to the point where he has to walk back after he left and then realize that it’s gone.

    fool & their money

  • Animesh

    why not keep the bag behind the camera?

  • Ehren Wells

    The owner of the bag got lucky for sure. A lesson to be learned from this would be to keep your gear in front of you, where you can see it during the shot.