Crazy 3D Projection Mapping on a Historic Building in Amsterdam

A recent fad in advertising is to use 3D projection mapping on buildings at night to create jaw-dropping effects. The above video shows an ad Samsung ran on a historic building in Amsterdam to promote the Samsung 3D LED TV. A perfect representation of the building is first projected onto the actual building, and then mind-blowing things begin to happen.

Have any of you seen one of these demonstrations in real life?

  • Barroba

    It looks awesome. However, the fact that people just walk by and that the ones who did stop just walk away after a little while is mind-boggling to me, even if every building had one of these, I’d like to see all their stories.

    I could have sworn people would jump back when the water fell. Maybe it looks better on video than in RL?

  • Rhonda Parrish

    Once you get past the fact it’s a commerical for a television and really look at the potential for that sort of technique and technology it’s really incredible.

  • Lieveliesje90

    A few students from my studie did this last semester in Leeuwarden. Link:

  • Andy Dubrowsky
  • Ans

    Yes, Telecom did this on the Auckland Ferry Terminal Building last year. It was interactive too. The video does it justice I think, pretty realistic in real life too.