Panasonic Unveils World’s First 3D Camcorder, Announces 3D Lens

Panasonic just announced the HDC-SDT750, touting it as the “world’s first 3D consumer camcorder”. The exact claim is slightly dubious, since we featured a different one last month, but it’s definitely the first 3D camcorder unveiled by any of the major camera corps.

The camcorder uses an included 3D lens to record two separate images on its standard 1080p sensor, meaning the resulting 3D video only has a resolution of 960 x 1080. If you’ve got a spare $1,399 lying around, the camcorder will be available starting in October 2010.

In addition to the new 3D lens bundled with the SDT750 (left), Panasonic simultaneously announced the “world’s first twin digital interchangeable lens” (right), an upcoming 3D lens for the Micro Four Thirds system (specifically the Lumix G-series mount).

Along with an upcoming firmware update that includes 3D processing software, the new lens will allow standard cameras to capture 3D photographs using a single sensor, rather than the dual-sensor setup used in traditional 3D cameras. While the price of the new lens has yet to be announced, Panasonic is saying that it should find its way into our hands by the end of this year.

Any thoughts on these two announcements today?

  • Konstantin

    My main question is, what are you going to need to actually view the 3D images?

  • Brett

    Looks like they spent time working on it well, but the fact that it's less resolution than HDV bothers me. With HDV camcorders, most of the time you record 1920×1080, resize to 1440×1080 and then during playback or editing it's stretched back to 1920, which does keep some of the detail. The problem is that when you're doing no resizing you're at the mercy even more of diffusion and aberration from these ultra-small lenses.

  • ErikN

    I don't think the 3D effect will be pronounced enough. The distance between the lenses seems smaller than the distance between human eyes (IPD ≈ 54-68mm).

  • Konstantin

    Just got the scoop from, turns out the 3D images will be “displayed using one of its Viera televisions.” I don't have a tv now, and don't plan on getting gone just to play my pictures in 3D. Sorta suck that that's the only way, I'd love to try it out on my GF1.

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