Homemade Medium-Format Camera by Susan Burnstine

Fine art photographer Susan Burnstine came up with the idea of making her own cameras from a hodgepodge of common household and hardware store objects. She picked up an old magnifying glass, plastic, rubber, garbage bags, cinema foil, metal, vintage toy camera parts, and cardboard, among other items, to create lenses and cameras. Above is a picture of one of her cameras.

Here are some images she captured:

Burnstine’s ethereal photos were largely taken with different cameras, some designed with different shutter speeds, lenses, and filters. However, Burnstine designed the cameras with consistent shape and distortion in order to produce the same style in resulting images. To see more of Burnstine’s work, visit her website.

(via PDN)

  • Superphilman2

    Looks like she should buy her cameras in the future.

  • G-photography

    These look awesome.

  • scottmphoto

    Amazing! Truly unique on both sides of the camera.

  • Melvin Lara

    It remembers my first pinhole camera looks as ugly as this! haha… But there is a kind of magic when you construct your own camera.

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  • George Frankel

    Great photos, but idea is not new. The great (& greatly eccentric) Czech photographer Miroslav Tichy also made his own cameras from trash. His work was recently exhibited at ICP in NY.

  • QuBe

    I'm normally not big on the whole pinhole camera thing….they generally produce images that don't even match the sub-economy build quality of the camera.

    However, looking at these photos, I'm starting to wonder if the photographer's skill may be the real issue.
    Burnstine has made some pretty cool photos here.
    I think her photographic/artistic talent makes these photos.

    Sure, this could all be done in Photoshop (a lot faster than waiting for a lab), but it's the first time I've seen examples of pinhole photography I actually liked.

  • Dogsantroggs

    Amazing pics
    Superphilman2 yr a dick go out and c if ya can wrk a camera

  • SimonBolivar

    These are clearly NOT pinhole photos…. Beautifully crafted cameras and images.