Apple Updates the Mac Mini, Adds SD Card Slot

Apple has just announced the new Mac mini, which has been redesigned with a sleeker, unibody enclosure that’s 1.4 inches tall (down from 2 inches). The new Mini also includes a built in SD-card slot to make transferring photos from your camera easier, though a CompactFlash slot would have been great for a wider range of photo-enthusiasts. The new HDMI output allows the Mini to be connected to an HDTV, while graphics performance is supposedly doubled due to the new NVIDIA GeForce 320M chip.

Pricing starts at $699, and you’ll receive a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive.

  • QuBe

    Design fail.
    What a pain in the butt it would be to have to fumble around behind the thing to use the card slot and the USB ports.

    And, they're way overpriced. For $500 more you can get an iMac with faster CPU and graphics, double the RAM, 200G more drive space, keyboard, mouse…oh yeah, and a full 21.5″ LCD display!!

    I thought it might be fun to get a Mini, until I saw the $749 CAD price and the specs. It's easily $300+ overpriced. It doesn't even come with a mouse and keyboard at that price! How do they expect to sell this thing when they have such a superior computer in their own product line? If they're going for the media center market, why bother trying to appeal to regular users by putting in a card slot?

  • Ed Eastridge

    The one thing I've failed to see on any of the consumer line macs that really frustrates me is the lack of eSATA. They have this Mac Mini which for $999 you can get it pre-loaded with Snow Leopard Server which is all well and good, but nothing faster than FW800 on the board. Where I work, we're looking to get a new Mac server, and this would be great for file serving, except for the eSATA RAID sitting beside the box. Hopefully one of these days, they'll add that onto the back.

    You do bring up some good points QuBe, but this does (still) at least have a somewhat reduced entry point for those who choke at the prices of the iMacs or Mac Pros. But admittedly, not by much.

  • kevjohn

    Typical Apple. Neat-o looking design, will work as it's designed to, but underspec'd and overpriced.