“Leave Me” is a Heartbreaking Short Film About a Broken Canon DSLR

Leave Me” is an award-winning short film (~3 minutes) by Daros Films that revolves around a broken Canon DSLR. It’s amazing how much you can communicate in three short minutes. Oh… and you might want to have some Kleenex at hand.

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  • Kaouthia

    You know, at first I thought I'd be laughing at the thought of a broken Canon, but that was actually pretty cool. :)

  • Dc88keyz

    Wow! Amazing concept – very well put together and now I'm off to get the kleenex.

  • Rap

    Great story!

  • Akshata Aksha

    Beautiful! Loved it :)

  • Steven.

    Very very very cool. Thanks a lot for sharing. Nice. :)

  • Terry L Broadbent

    Great story, well told! Thank you.

  • kei

    Nice, but for something thats supposed to be about letting go, the guy takes the selfish route of fantasy.

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  • Robinskylynn

    i loved it…it made me bawl my eyes out. loose someone you love more than anything and then watch it! kei

  • December Jane M

    Stupid me. now i'm blubbering but only softly so nobody will know how uncool i am .

  • Larry


  • mohd dba

    thankes camera man realy very nice

  • iwani

    Lovely :(

  • Mumdee

    That was absolutely beautiful and heart wrenching. Thanks for a great love story. Short but totally effective!

  • fabian natanowicz


  • Runninghorsepictures

    <3 It… if only…

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