Time-Lapse of an Empty Los Angeles

Running on Empty” by Ross Ching is a neat time-lapse video inspired by Matt Logue’s empty L.A. project, which we featured last year. Rather than individual photographs in which ordinarily busy LA streets are artificially devoid of any cars and people, the video takes it a step further by stringing together such photographs to create an eerie (yet soothing and beautiful) glimpse into an LA in which streetlights blink above “I am Legend”-esque roads. I wonder how long post-processing took…

  • Chuck Braverman

    I don't have time to write. As a native Angelino, I am jumping into my car to find those empty streets. Great work.

  • Kevin Williams

    Love the concept however I feel like a lot of the cutaways are way too quick. Could have been a lot smoother but still is an amazing video

  • Mike

    Time Lapse and Radiohead… Two things I love… Never been to LA, so I can't comment on that part. ;)

  • Alex Wise

    Wow :O

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  • Jide Otuyelu

    inspiring and eerie at the same time. great work !

  • BlueglazeLLC

    Time Lapse of Brooklyn & Manhattan, New York City (with 9/11 tribute)
    with remix of Adele's – Hometown Glory (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

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