A Cocktail Umbrella for Your Flash

The Strobella is a small shoot-through umbrella that you mount to your flash unit using a velcro elastic band. The website states that it “doesn’t just softens the shadows but can reduces them significantly.” Hmm…

David Hobby over at Strobist is a fan:

This one is very hard to post with a straight face […] I would only say that any umbrella of this size should rightfully have a stiff, fruity drink under it — with a tropical sunset as a backdrop.

The Strobella costs about $13 bucks if you live in Europe, and about $15 if you’re elsewhere. Yay for random camera attachments that will give you weird looks!

  • michael


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  • Grrbrr

    I really, really want one. Think about it, it folds into your pocket and fits pretty much anywhere. There is no hassle like with big softboxes for flashes.
    For some reason i also find it cool looking.

    Too bad my sb-400 does not rise high enough for that not to block my lens.

  • SPline Girl

    I actually have little brollies like this. They are maybe just a bit bigger. I found them on sale at an outlet store many years ago for a dollar. I picked up a bunch. They have come in handy over the years. While I do much prefer flagging and bouncing a flash, these things are useful from time to time, especially when you need to travel very light.

    Nice blog – I will mark it. Thx for following me on Twitter ;-)

  • Fred

    Indeed it can reduce shadows because it's nearer to the lens than the flash itself, not to speak about other diffuer which work with the flash pointed upward.
    To me it seems better than most other diffuser, because it has a larger surface and it's very small when folded.