Picasa Now Allows Ten Times More Albums

In an announcement on the Google Photos Blog today, Google announced that the maximum number of albums allowed for a Picasa account has been increased from 1,000 to 10,000.

While this is “good news” for everyone who uses the service, I wonder what percentage of users this actually benefits. Some statistics on Picasa usage would have been an interesting and illuminating addition to the announcement:

We want Picasa Web Albums to be a place you can share and store all your digital photos, regardless of how many you have. We recently made extra storage really affordable, but until now, Picasa Web accounts have been limited to a maximum of 1,000 albums. We heard that you needed more room, and because we want you to keep sharing your photos and posting them to Buzz, we’ve worked hard to now raise this limit to 10,000 albums.

Expect Google to continue beefing up Picasa in 2010 in order to seriously challenge Flickr for a bigger slice of the photo sharing pie.

  • Neil Lall

    but stil a 1gb upload limit, so not very useful.

  • zann

    hrmm. 1gb upload isn't helpful at all. that's about 250 photos (avg 4mb per file)
    time for free 10GB and pro account with 100GB? :D

  • labgrab

    Flickr fan 4eva! Or until I don't like it anymore.

  • Ravin

    Too bad picasaweb sucks by sharpening your images for you (to “optimize the experience” for your viewers).
    If I wanted my images sharpened (and have a bunch of colors dropped) I'd do that myself, thank you very much.
    They went and changed the way they show the images soon after I signed up for the extra storage… of course they say that the image is still stored at the high quality I uploaded it… but what's the point in that.

  • JT

    Need to allow unlimited storage like flickr first…and for a competitive price