Magazine Cover Mockup for the iPad

This video, created by California photographer Jesse Rosten, offers an interesting glimpse at what digital magazine covers might look like for the iPad. Rather than offer a static photograph of the beach as the print version of Sunset Magazine would, this cover is brought to life with both video and animation.

Audio and video are late to the magazine party, but it looks like they might steal some of photography’s thunder.

(via TechCrunch)

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  • sparky

    Fancy. But video/animation takes up a ton of space. Over time those magazines you save up on your hard disk will add up. We may throw away our paper magazines, but will we throw away our digital ones?

  • GlynDewis

    It's seeing stuff like this that gets me 'real' excited about how digital media is heading.
    Very cool, thanks for sharing.

  • JessicaLum

    My theory is that either the subscriptions will be available online and expire at a certain time, much like certain Hulu videos. Or they might be permanent files that we'll have to manage… but that eliminates the money they could potentially get from back issue sales. I wonder if they'll work like “rentals” – files that expire by a certain time unless you pay more.

  • iPad Covers

    That is awesome, but I thought it was a cover for the iPad…

  • iPad Covers

    That is awesome, but I thought it was a cover for the iPad…