Test Shots with New Polaroid Instant Film

The Impossible Project’s new instant film for Polaroid cameras will go on sale later this week, but the British Journal of Photography has already gotten their hands on a pack of PX100. They were mailed a comprehensive press kit that included a box of the black and white film, and promptly exposed the film with a SX-70, publishing the results on their blog.

Of the eight exposures they had to play around with, only a few of them produced semi-recognizable images. Olivier Laurent writes,

But my initial impressions are that PX100 behaves like a expired pack of 669 or Time-Zero. You’re never sure of what you will get. To be fair, Impossible did warn us about this during its press conference yesterday. A slight change in temperature or pressure can ruin or enhance your image. One thing is sure, do NOT use this film outside in the winter or early spring, when there is still a cold breeze. Also, in some situations, you will need to keep your ND filter on.

Apart from some disappointing results (especially when shooting outside), it feels good to load a SX-70 with some new film.

$21 a pack means this is some seriously expensive experimentation. However, lets wait until the film is in the hands of the masses before coming to a verdict on this new film. Here’s to hoping the film is a success!

Image credit: Photographs by 1854.

  • snowdaysinapril

    I live in Minnesota, so I will never be able to use this camera because of the weather restrictions :–(

  • Dave K

    It looks like they should have spent a lot less on their packaging design, and a lot more on their chemistry.

    Had I spent $21 for those results I'd be furious, not just because of the lack of performance but because of the monumental let-down.

    However these are the results from just one camera, it's possible that the camera is more at fault than the film. I'll reserve judgement.

    However if I need to shoot instant photos, why wouldn't I just use an Instax for which I can just go buy film at the local specialty store?

  • lisabhammond

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Thank you so much for this update! Hasn't Polaroid always been $21/pack?

  • dpollitt

    Hey Lisa b. – why did you waste your time commenting on this post? You clearly do not understand the reason behind it. Go troll somewhere else

  • dpollitt

    I can't believe those shots after I looked at the original post. The shots were completely blown out, either that or it didnt even record an image. I am all for the reincarnation of Polaroid style film, especially for my Sun 600 LMS – but this is horrible. I'll still get my packs off of ebay for now.

  • Lisa b.

    Don't be so quick to judge, Mr. “enthusiast photographer”.
    Try doing some research before you get snappy. I stand by words and my enthusiasm and all my colleagues know what I'm sayin'.
    Regardless of your 'critique', the fact that Polaroid is reissuing SX-70 is monumental.
    Kodak is a valued client of mine and I take them Very seriously.
    I own 5 working Polaroid camera's, including 2 working SX-70's, and a holding stock of unexposed film and working accessories.

    I am only one among many, that have been waiting patiently for this film to be reintroduced.
    Let me say it again, (for the record, and I qoute:) “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy. ” (Lewis Carroll)

  • dpollitt

    Wow you are a nut job. Anyways, Polaroid isn't reintroducing anything. The Impossible Project is. If you have any colleagues, and I doubt you do – then they must also be nuts.

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