Canon L Lens Look-Alike Coffee Mug

Canon was handing out coffee mugs that look like the Canon 70-200mm L series lens at the Vancouver Olympic games. Josh Weisberg, director of the Microsoft Rich Media Group, got one at the Olympic Press Center, and sent the above photograph of it to PDNPulse.

If only Canon would start selling these things to the general public. I’d buy at least one.

Image credit: Photograph by Josh Weisberg and via PDNPulse

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  • Jan

    i would buy one too… the same lens is laying now on my desk… but i want more! :-)

  • Jillian

    Ah! I want one!

  • Mike

    That is so cool. I want one.

  • Christopher McIntosh

    I don't even care that it's canon, I want one right now.

  • Holden

    I want one!!

  • Stomi

    Richtige Pimps bauen sich eine Kaffeetasse aus nem echten Objektiv.

  • mnovaes

    It would be REALLY useful if those came with CS (Coffee Stabilization)…

  • Nick Benson

    Beverage stabilization would be a handy feature in any mug.

  • K. Moore

    The only L lens I could afford…

  • nakactress

    I so want one, I agree with K. Moore, probably the only L lens I could afford…lol

  • dhgatsby

    i would buy two of them. one to use, the other to keep on my office shelf display.

  • Desfolio

    I would buy on right now, if there was a Nikon version a course. (I don't drink coffee, so it would be the best hot chocolate mug EVER!!!)

  • JeniPHer

    *sigh* i want it , i want it NOW!!! i even know ppl i could gift it too!!!

  • allanwhite

    As long as the coffee aperture is fixed, I'm sold!

  • QuBe

    Wow, this time it's real.

    (Unlike this one:… )

    Makes me wish I drank coffee… :D

  • Maria

    I'd by a Nikon one. ;-)

  • Steve Swinney

    Ashamed to admit it, but I want one as well! :D

  • Nicole Raine

    Please Canon! Put this on the market! That's awesome. :)

  • tvphotog

    What next, Canon condoms? Another Canon that won't focus, Sorry just a jealous Nikon user,
    I'd buy one and paint it black. :-)

  • Gary Christy

    This is one of the lenses Life Through Lenses Photography uses exclusively…I want one!

  • Dan Brian G Gerona

    I want one!!! :)

  • Michael McGovern

    omg – I want 3!!~

  • jan

    Why would they use the F/4 version – and not the new F/2.8 IS…..

  • joncurrier

    I would by 2 right now….

  • Elisha

    I'd buy 20! This is awesome!

  • photodomain

    Super cool. I want one!

  • Name

    I thought the f4 is IS too? Maybe they like really light coffee? ;)

  • charlessmith323

    Canon needs to focus on the needs of professional photographers and CPS instead of stupid ad specialties and junk!

  • Josh Gunderson

    I'd buy at least one.

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  • snowdaysinapril

    I'd buy one!

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  • Simboo

    You have to buy for 200$ worth of equipment from Canon to get the Mug… You can't buy it alone. Valid until march 23rd on the Canadian Canon website. :-(

    Needless to mention that has run out of stock quite rapidly.

  • Coffee of the Month Club

    Very nice lens. It really looks like a coffee mug. Hope I can have one of that in the future.

  • katie11a
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  • X8tir4zu

    They're $35 in Vancouver Canada.

  • K Cups

    Yes, I am sure that these coffee mugs would sell very well. I would also like one.

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  • Thyago

    I want it! Fucking awesome!

  • Emilytwlam
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  • Wwwtrade

    This mau are on-sale at online shop

  • AlysonAmber

    This is funny, drinking coffee from something that looks just like canon 70-200mm L series lens.Canon does great things from coffee mugs to great quality lens.





  • FE2


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