Astronaut Tweets Earth Photos from Space

For the past two weeks, Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi has been beaming down photographs of Earth from the International Space Station using his TwitPic account. The photographs, taken with a Nikon D2Xs, show various cities and landmarks around the world as the ISS flies roughly 200 miles overhead at an average of 17,227 mph.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, CA. Beautiful shadow :-)

Flew over Port_Au_Prince of Haiti this afternoon. Our thoughts and prayers to Haiti people, from ISS.

Mount Fuji, Japan. 3,776m. The highest mountain in Japan.

Moscow, Russia. Star City is far back on the right upper corner. #spacetweet

KSC, Florida. Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-130 is ready to launch on Sunday!!!

For more of this amazing photography, check out his Twitter or Twitpic page.

(via PopPhoto Flash)

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  • greenthumb1991

    Why dont they post a live video of the earth from space? :) Like if you could go to a website and see a live broadcast of earth:)

  • kimroger

    Awesome :)

  • zaerdna

    greenthumb1991: What would pay down an own satellite with that power?
    Cheap commercials? lol.


    I took out a copyright years ago claiming rights for live broadcast images of Earth from space and OWN this right, however unusual.