Double Check Your Lenticular Photographs

Some weeks ago I was walking around in Emeryville (where Pixar is based) and came across a store window with a lenticular display (when the image changes depending on your angle). What caught my attention was how disfigured the model in the advertisement was from my angle, since I was seeing half a face from two different images. The above image probably isn’t what you want potential customers to see when advertising a beauty product.

  • Melissa

    Omg that's hilarious.

  • Sue Bailey

    Ow, my eyes!! (and her eyes!!!)

  • Kaolin Fire

    They're just ahead of the curve, getting their marketing ready for the coming apocalypse. Zombies will need to be beautiful, too. ;)

  • Andrew Frenette

    Reminds me of a 1950s sci-fi B-movie. All she's missing is the exposed brain.

  • lorrieprothero

    kinda looks like ET with makeup on

  • Harvey

    LOL. So because there is slight transition between viewing angles you think that viewers will just hang at that one narrow spot and decide that means the product sucks. Wow. Now if it were like that no matter where you stand or for a huge part of the available viewing angle I could see a complaint but you are just plain nit picking about something that nobody cares about.