Your Favorite Photography Websites? A SmugMug Giveaway!

Update: This giveaway has ended. Winners were randomly selected and announced here. Thanks for participating!

smugmug_logoThings were kind of hectic this week. My bike and laptop decided to both die on the same day, and two days later I became a Mac user for the first time by purchasing a 13-inch Macbook Pro. Might still switch back to Windows next time, but I didn’t want to upgrade to Vista.

Anyhoo, how about another giveaway?

This week I’m giving away four annual subscriptions to the popular photo sharing service SmugMug. The four prizes are:

  • 2 standard memberships worth $40 each
  • 1 power membership worth $60
  • 1 pro membership worth $150

There will be four different randomly selected winners this week. All you have to do to enter this week’s giveaway is to answer the following question:

What is your favorite photography related website?

This could be a photo service, a blog, a forum, or whatever else, as long as it’s related somehow to your passion for photography.

There are two ways to share your answer and enter the contest, and you can use both methods to double your chances:

  1. Leave your response as a comment on this post
  2. Tweet your response, and include the following link to this post anywhere in the tweet:

    As long as the link appears in a tweet, you will be entered in this giveaway. You don’t even need to include @petapixel.

The deadline for this giveaway is Saturday, September 19th, 2009. The winners will be randomly selected using

Good luck!

Update: Forgot to mention this in the original post: existing SmugMug members can still participate in this contest. if you win, the membership will be added to your existing membership.

  • Luke McCoy

    I find myself going to first most of the time.

  • Emil Roy Brown

    Lately, my favorite photography related blog has been Since getting my iPhone in May, I've taken a lot more photos with it than with my dSLR, and this blog has introduced me to so many more photographers making images with their iphones and all the different apps they use.

  • Sam Smoker

    Flickr is the best. Nothing beats seeing and sharing photos.

  • Yael Talleyrand s more lika a blog … but since i find his stuff veeery cool :)… i guess thats it.

  • Ayoub

    My vote goes to Flickr. Great for finding photos and photography ideas and tutorials!

  • Alex Karasyov – is my favorite photo site. Combines best LJ photo communities in one place.

  • Frances Parker

    my fave photography-related website? j*'s blog. i heart Jasmine Star and read her blog everyday.

  • photojunkyva

    http:// I love his site and have total faith in his reviews.

  • Josh Zytkiewicz

    My favorite photo website is by Chase Jarvis of course. I haven't found any other pro photog that shares as much info.

  • davidypark

    I really for reviews

  • Luis Fernando Noriega

    My favorite one is and I absolutely enjoy @ScottBourne and @ricksammon podcast! Go and check the site out. Excellent contributions from several photographers. Also follow them on twitter, they always have great tips.

    Best of luck to everyone entering in the giveaway.

  • Abby Joy

    I always use for all my professional printing–they do a fabulous and FAST job!

  • Brian

    I've been spending a lot of time lurking at

  • Daniel

    I use flickr to share and view pictures.
    However, I go to for tips.

  • Jen Barnes

    it would have to be for me. I LOVE her style, her spunk, and her love of all things family!

  • Steven Finlay

    Mine would have to be flickr. Great for sharing and discovering.

  • Sean B.

    I check in on several times a day.

  • jmphotography

    Obviously my sites and are my favourite, but I love great place to exhibit your work and interact with a great photography community.

  • debbie

    Very tough for me to narrow it down, but I'll toss The Big Picture into the hat.

    Such an amazing collection of photojournalism.

    And may I add that perhaps you can tally all of these recommendations into a post for all your readers?


  • Jacob Wighton

    I think Flickr is the best. Hearing advice from sites like this is great, but actually getting real feedback on your photos is invaluable.

  • seantobin

    Without a doubt

    It's single-handedly got me interested in photography

  • Mike

    Well… Of course is my favorite = D But a very close second is . They have complete and good comparison reviews and photos on all new and recent equipment. I trust the reviews and words they supply. Cheers!

  • Jennifer

    I'm a fan of blogs of other photographers in my specialty for inspiration and technique. I also never miss a post.

  • lillybit

    My fav is Scott Bourne's

  • Eli Gray

    my favorite photography site is

  • Remiss63
  • vivekian

    This is my favorite photography blog : . Besides this is always great.

  • Lisa

    It's a tie between and for me. DPS for guides and tips; Blipfoto for showcasing what I've learnt!

  • Gilles Theriault

    My morning read is always this one : But have many more, but only asking for one :(

  • Sergio A Salcedo

    I would have to say that my PH-avorite site for all photography would be They are the one spot to find all photo related blogs and sites. After all that's how I found you guys. After that I've been on this site religiously!

  • Jeremy
    A combination of lots of nice photographs on the site, with useful tutorials and commentary. I also like that it still has a small site/blog feel, unlike some of the bigger sites, likes say, dPS

  • sneuweger

    That is difficult there are so many great sites in my feedreader… so i will choose Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider: not only for his original posts but also for the numerous links to interesting people of “the industry”…

  • nolanstern

    I find myself reading a couple blog posts everyday to get tips on photography. One is: by Scott Kelby and the other is: by Scott Bourne.

  • Francine Clouden

    I love the Shutter Sisters Blog Inspiring everyday photography with a twist!

  • Francine Clouden

    I love the Shutter Sisters Blog Inspiring everyday photography with a twist! @petapixel

  • Bob

    Boring as it may be, I really like Flickr too.

  • Leonardo Soares

    I really like Flickr. Easy and powerfull :-)

  • Navdeep

    mine is . like many others

  • sesser

    flickr for sure. and then maybe dpreview.

  • Lydia

    I LOVE Jasmine Star's blog:

  • Peter Wong

    I actually think is a pretty good site for beginners. Although not all the stuff that's on the site is totally true and a lot of it is the author's opinion, it's still a good site for beginners since it has reviews and info on so many lens and equipment.

  • Kylie I love the daily posts and the wonderful group of ladies there.

  • joakimbergquist

    I have to say Petapixel. I have had it as startpage for some months now, thats how good I think it is. I just wish there could be a few more daily updates.

  • Paul is my favorite

  • Pantsmclee

    I can't help it, it's PetaPixel — there, I said it. I check back several times a day. Other daily photo sites: Daily Dose, Mute and

  • Jesper
  • sea888

    Clark Little photography following by Smugmug and Flickr

  • meadmaker

    I've been really impressed with of late. It has some stunning work!

  • Jennifer

    Definitely Flickr – so easy to share photos!

  • Guest

    I like!