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It’s time for another PetaPixel giveaway! Huzzah!

Today I’m giving away a copy of onOne Software’s Plug-In Suite 4.5, a package that retails for $499.95.


This is a package of six award-winning plugins for Photoshop, and four of the plugins can be used with Lightroom and Aperture. Here are the plugins:

Genuine Fractals: The industry standard for resizing images
PhotoTools: Instantly give your photographs a professional look
PhotoFrame: Add edge effects, backgrounds, and adornments
FocalPoint: Easily add selective focus
Mask Pro: Remove unwanted backgrounds
PhotoTune: Quick and easy color correction

If you purchase all six of them separately, they would cost about $1,300. One lucky PetaPixel reader is going to get all of them for free.

Entering this contest is easy, but please pay attention to detail to ensure that your entry counts.

To enter, all you need to do is answer the following question:

What is your favorite or most memorable photographic experience?

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    My fav photo experience was when I went to the grand canyon in 2006!

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The deadline for entering this contest is the evening of Saturday, July 25th, 2009. We will randomly select the winner and post the results at that time.

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Keep the favorite experiences coming. They’ve been extremely interesting to read so far!

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  • Matt Sunday

    My favorite photo experience was definitely shooting the Bronx Zoo. Photos coming to the Flickr group soon.

  • Thiefree

    My most memorable photographic experience was a bad one, sadly. I was approached on twitter by someone working for Windows Live photo gallery, who asked if I wanted to take some photos of a gig by a band called The Saturdays. He assured me that my D40 would be fine. It wasn't fine. I was led out of the gig by security and made to delete all my pictures; I left after that.

  • inspector_fegter

    The most touching and memorable photo experience I've had was at a children's hospital. I was able to teach some kids who had leukemia how to take photographs with one of my old 35mm manual cameras. (Pentax K1000) I have a treasured photo of one of the children who lost her battle with leukemia on my desk.

  • ms211

    My favorite photo experience was taking pictures of the boys in high school for a “calender guy” class calender. I was in my first photography class ever during the 11th grade year. I was shy and pretty much unattractive, so the guys would never notice me otherwise; nonetheless all the guys wanted me to take their photograph for the calender.

  • Luc

    The top experience in my photographic adventures was the first time I taught pinhole photography to a class of children who lived under poverty. The spark in the kids's eyes when they first saw the images come out of powdered milk cans with such a tiny hole on the walls, and the realization that beauty was present in the shanty towns they were living in, even though they had never noticed it was totally awesome. :D

  • ScIoN

    My most memorable photo exp was my very first photowalk with a photoclub at Yamashita park, Yokohama, Japan. I got lucky with a shot on seagulls being fed by an old Japanese man. This shot remains to be my most popular pic in my flickr account, and I was also able to display it in a photo exhibit organized by one of my groups.

    There goes the challenge that I should top one of my earlier shots in photography.

  • Robert Johnson

    photographing eyes blind but now able to see b/c of a simple cataract surgery. awesome photo experience in central asia.

  • tripleman

    I just spent a month in Europe and blasted off about 5000 photos. Two things stand out, one is that I managed to see the Pope from fairly close and get some great photos of him and his security – even though I'm not religious it's a pretty rare event.

    And two, I was on top of the Tour Montparnasse taking evening shots of Paris when there was a building fire near the Parc du Champs de Mars sending huge clouds of smoke past the Eiffel Tower.

  • rebekahjmurray

    6 weeks in Southern Africa – Victoria Falls, Nata Salt Pans, never-ending sunsets & the hope in their bright eyes.

  • mikelangelo

    Taking my 18 month old son to a local free zoo. He was nose to nose with an American Draft horse. He seemed to be having a 'discussion' with that horse for about 15 minutes. It was great and it's one of my favorite photos of my son.

  • randy

    France, 1999. Went there with a crappy camera (Chinon w/ a light meter off by about 2 stops), even worse lenses, but still managed to get some good shots and even better memories.

  • randy

    France, 1999. Went there with a crappy camera (Chinon w/ a light meter off by about 2 stops), even worse lenses, but still managed to get some good shots and even better memories.

  • clovenlife

    My favorite photo experience was going on a west coast tour with a psycobilly band @brutally_frank

  • Van Kochkarian

    My most memorable photographic experience was roaming around San Francisco and getting some great captures of the architectural beauty.

  • WesG

    My favorite photo experience was when I received my first 20×30 inch enlargement of one of my own photos (of my piano) and seeing it on the wall in my home.

  • sesser

    France, 1999. Had a crappy camera and even worse lenses, but still had a memorable time.

  • lisabyrne

    Fall 1992. Lone Pine CA. 1st time using my fathers vintage Konica.First roll of BW film. Just me & my beloved dog surrounded by hot springs, and ghost towns. Seeds of a life long passion planted then…forever thankful to my dad, William Byrne.

  • lisabyrne

    Fall 1992. Lone Pine CA. 1st time using my fathers vintage Konica. 1st roll of BW film. Just me and my beloved dog surrounded by hot springs and ghost towns. The seeds of a lifelong passion planted then. I'm forever grateful to my dad, William Byrne.

  • d_rec

    I'm still waiting for mine, but this storm chase was up there amongst a few

  • pjvanzyl

    Any time I get to capture on of Africa's big five on camera.
    esp if I am on foot

  • sneuweger

    My favorite photo experiences are when being together with a bunch of photo-buddies on a photowalk. This is also why me and a friend founded the project so that we can have those experiences regularly. If you're in the Munich area and want to come by for a walk, check out and join us. Pictures of our photowalks so far (11 if i counted correctly) can be seen at… – have fun!

  • pet

    One of my other fav photo experiences was glacier bay alaska

  • omareduardo

    Definitely my face photo experience so far has been during my trip to Himeji, Japan to see the Himeji Castle and the temple in which movies such as “The Last Samurai” were filmed.
    Some pictures here:
    (sorry, there are also other pictures there that are not from that trip…)

  • flamboyance

    My favourite photo experience was on this day:… It was one of the very first shots which wasn't just a snapshot, but a little planned. Selfshot jumping in front of the sun.

  • Konfral

    That would be my “One Night in Paris” shoot together with the London Flickr Meetup Group. A few pics from this adventure can be found on my blog:

  • sajuthomas

    All my photographic moments are memorable, but one special is taking off from Bangalore Airport early in the morn to watch the sun rise…It was like God using his palette to paint the sky in different colors…I will never forget those moments…

  • Owe Andersen

    My fav photo experience was: I photographed my wife with the stylist Jan Thomas outside his studio in Oslo

  • Daniel So

    My favorite photo experience was on this year's July 4th weekend when i went camping with my church group to the Sierras. Taking pictures of the majestic mountains and beautiful lakes on a perfect day light setting was quite a delight. =)

  • Marius Stuparu

    My favourite is taking pictures of a friend of mine, in twilight, in a park, on some very wet grass.

  • abaloo

    My fav photo experience was when I shot at Rika's photo workshop in February.

  • Debbi

    My fav photo experience was when I went on a ghost chasing tour in Massachusetts! Among other things, I found myself taking pics in an unlit cemetery in the pitch black (so dark I couldn't even tell what was going to show in the picture). We were asking questions of the people buried beneath us and recording the “conversation” to see if any answers ensued while I clicked away. There was one pic where some strange lighted orbs appeared that we could not explain away. Still not sure what that was all about.

  • Seetroll

    For me, this years tour to Venice at the carnival was THE fav experience. Shot 1000 pictures, got 1 great shot.

  • Greg Havican

    My most memorable photo experience was shooting Harvey Milk while he was in Houston just weeks before he was killed.

  • Mike

    Don't know that I have just one, but any experience where I learned to do something new is a favorite. The one that comes to mind is discovering how to combine a long exposure with flash to really get good shots of Jack-o-lanterns at Halloween. Getting children to be still enough to make them crisp in the shot as well… that I still haven't figured out.

  • chucklangford

    The most fun I've had yet is during the recent WorldWide Photo Walk.

  • HokiePerogi

    My favorite photographic experience thus far was the first day I had my first DSLR. My fiance and I got engaged while we were in San Francisco on my business trip. On the last day, we decided to purchase a Canon XSi as our first DSLR so we could commemorate the trip. We took turns taking photos with the XSi while we were on a bus tour in and around the city. Looking back at the photos I took, it is amazing to see how much I have been able to improve my photography skills since January thanks to blogs like PetaPixel and lots of shooting.

  • Patrick Minton

    My favorite photographic experience is a doozy. My first wedding was in rural Tennessee and was being held outside at the bride's family home. There were a lot of great and terrifying moments, but the best came near the end of the ceremony. It began to rain. Then the heavens opened and the water began to pour. The preacher said, “Let us pray. Dear Lord, we'd like to ask your blessing on this union…” Immediately after he spoke those words a bolt of lightning struck a gigantic tree not 200 yards from where we were standing.

    I guess that was a no.

  • olasis

    My most memorable photographic experience was hearing my first SLR's shutter. I heard it and i was hooked to photos.

  • Michael Schiffer

    My most memorable photographic experience was falling fully into a swamp just as I took this picture….

    Although I was completely soaked, it was worth it in the end!

  • Keith Crusher

    My favorite was during a halloween party – I took a photo where, somehow, light from the eyecup got reflected onto the film. The result was this surreal image that had my eye superimposed over it. I only have 1 print, as the negative got damaged in move. I should really get it scanned, as it's starting to lose some of it's color…

  • Belle

    Developing film in the darkroom for my HS Photography class when someone said I looked like the girl from “The Ring” because of my long hair and the darkness.. when i looked up I decided that SHE looked like the girl form “The Ring” and ran out screaming only to make people run over and ask if everything was alright. (To which I began laughing hysterically.)

    Not exactly a photographic experience but somewhat related and def. my most memorable. Hilarious.

  • EmigrantMtChris

    It certainly wasn't my favorite experience, but my most memorable was photographing our stillborn son. It was awful doing it, but I'm very thankful now that I did. It's one of the few things we have to remember him by.

  • pjoyce

    What is your favorite or most memorable photographic experience?

    My best experience is every time I pick up my camera and shoot something. Photography one of the best mediums in the world for capturing that special moment in time and enabling people to relive memories. So for me the every day experience can't be topped.

  • Adrian Park

    My most memorable photographic experience was a solo shoot on the Welsh Coast in December 2008. Personal tragedy earlier in the year had sent me into a spiral of depression I was desperate to escape. The weather that day matched my mood. I decided to go out and force myself to 'see' beauty. I was really happy with the results and that was a turning point in rebuilding my life. Photography is a great therapy!

    This is what I found that day:

  • aled

    My favourite photo experience was visiting Arizona a couple of years ago. Being from rural Wales, UK, I found the geography, wildlife, landscapes and plant-life to be completely alien to me and provided me with countless photo-taking opportunities. I must have taken hundreds of shots of cacti and desert!

  • aled

    My favourite photo experience was visiting Arizona a couple of years ago. Being from rural Wales, UK, I found the geography, wildlife, landscapes and plant-life to be completely alien to me and provided me with countless photo-taking opportunities. I must have taken hundreds of shots of cacti and desert!

  • Wesley Phillips

    My favorite photoexperience was at Triple Falls in Dupont Forest, NC. These falls are magnificant. I was there early, all by myself. Incredible power and majesty.

  • Faylin Myhre

    my most memorable experience is still fresh. I spent 5 days hiking in RMNP with my fairly new (and my first slr) D90. I love the rocky mountains and had a ton of fun experimenting. I photographed waterfalls, lakes, mountains and all kinds of critters, moose right by the side of the road and elk that were looking in our car windows! The tiny tundra flowers and the beautiful forests, valleys and the Colorado river. I am so blessed!!

    I don't what my most memorable being my most recent says about the state of my memory however!!

  • thsneak

    Definitely hiking up the falls in Yosemite.

  • Robert_B

    My favourite photo experience was last week wile shooting sea gulls at Lake Ontario near where I live. Dusk was approaching fast, the light was perfect and the clouds were spectacular against the setting sun and every shot seemed to work. I captured the silhouette of a gull against the golden clouds, and when I previewed it in the LCD I knew right then it was my favourite shot