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onOne Plug-In Suite Winner Announced

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Our giveaway for a free license to onOne Software’s Plug-In Suite 4.5 is now over. We received 93 entries total, with 59 through the comments and 34 through twitter. This is less than our previous ones, but is probably due to the fact that it was only open for four days instead of seven.

We were also intending to have all the tweet entries show up in the Reactions section below the comments, but we had a little trouble having all the tweets appear. We’ll have to iron this out for our next giveaway, but for this one we simply used a Twitter search to find all the tweet entries.

Anyhow… enough with the boring stuff. The randomly chosen winner of this giveaway is:

#61: vandymcnew (@vandymcnew)

Here’s his favorite experience:

My favorite photo experience was when I was in Australia. 2007 was a good year! :) Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane

Congratulations! Thanks for participating and sharing your favorite and most memorable photographic experiences with us! We’ll be posting another giveaway very soon, so stay tuned for more chances to win awesome photo stuff.

Here are some responses submitted by our readers:

Luc (twitter):

The top experience in my photographic adventures was the first time I taught pinhole photography to a class of children who lived under poverty. The spark in the kids’s eyes when they first saw the images come out of powdered milk cans with such a tiny hole on the walls, and the realization that beauty was present in the shanty towns they were living in, even though they had never noticed it was totally awesome. :D

olasis (flickr):

My most memorable photographic experience was hearing my first SLR’s shutter. I heard it and i was hooked to photos.


It certainly wasn’t my favorite experience, but my most memorable was photographing our stillborn son. It was awful doing it, but I’m very thankful now that I did. It’s one of the few things we have to remember him by.

Adrian Park (twitter):

My most memorable photographic experience was a solo shoot on the Welsh Coast in December 2008. Personal tragedy earlier in the year had sent me into a spiral of depression I was desperate to escape. The weather that day matched my mood. I decided to go out and force myself to ‘see’ beauty. I was really happy with the results and that was a turning point in rebuilding my life. Photography is a great therapy!

This is what I found that day.

Chendur Venkatraman (twitter):

My most memorable moment was shooting for a school for Mentally Challenged Children in Hyderabad, India… Surrounded by 50 children who were in their own world…I was left wondering initially how i am going to shoot as spending time with those beautiful children brought tears to my eyes… The first visit inspired me to work with the school and raise few thousand dollars highlighting the school through photography….Now I visit the school few times a month and it has become a part of my life as i continue to work with them ….
Yamini Foundation for Mentally Challenged

janetmhug (twitter):

My most memorable photographic experiences was when I was getting ready for bed one evening in the winter and had to let my dog out, when I noticed a big “puff” sitting on one of the branches of my pine tree in the backyard. Being a birder, I grabbed my binoculars and found I had an Eastern Screech Owl hunting in my backyard. I retrieved my camera, put on a coat over my pajamas, barefeet in my boots trudging through deep snow and managed to spend 20 minutes photographing the owl on the backyard tree branch. An awesome experience due to the circumstances. The owl was extremely cooperative the entire time I was within 6 feet of the bird.

Eastern Screech Owl – Gray Phase, #9

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