Giant Portraits Printed onto Grass with the Help of Photosynthesis

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey's living grass portraits are a testament to creativity. Created by exposing patches of seedling grass to the sun through custom-made negatives, these portraits are grown rather than taken. And just like the regular pictures and the subjects inside them, over time, the images on the grass will fade and disappear.

A Unique Medium: Photographs Printed on String

We've run into some cool ideas over the years -- most of them involving a new way of taking photos or an interesting mix of established photography techniques -- but Hong Sung Chul's work with photographs printed onto string is definitely different, if not unique. His choice of medium is said to represent our human connection to our mothers through an umbilical cord.

Check out the samples below and be sure to head over the Hada Contemporary Gallery for more examples his work.