This Photo Studio Makes 8×10 Portraits with Photo Paper and Caffenol

Over in Helsinki, Finland, there's a photo studio called Cahute, named after an old French word meaning "little hut." What's unusual about this studio is that it shoots portraits exclusively on 8x10 direct positive paper, processing the shots with caffenol (a process that traditionally uses coffee and Vitamin C).

Unconventional Studio Portraits of Dogs

When dog owners take their pets to a photography for studio, they're probably hoping for a series of portraits that make their little friend look "nice." That's most likely not the word that'll come to mind when you look at photographer Pablo Axpe's dog portraits in his project CANIO.

Portraits of People’s Lives by Looking Inside Their Refrigerators

Photographer Mark Menjivar captured some interesting portraits of people across the United States by photographing the insides of their fridges. He spent three years travelling the country, gathering individual stories from people, and assembling the unique portraits in his project, titled "You Are What You Eat".