Photos of People’s Heads in Miniature Models of Famous Galleries

"Put Your Head Into Gallery," is an unusual interactive art project by Tbilisi, Georgia-based artist Tezi Gabunia. After creating realistic small-scale models of famous rooms in art galleries, Gabunia and his collaborators put them on display and invited visitors to his exhibition to pose with their heads inside the tiny spaces. The resulting photos show giant heads peering into well-known art galleries.

Realistic Small Scale Dioramas That Are Photographed and Then Destroyed

Seattle-based photographer Bill Finger creates and photographs amazingly realistic small scale dioramas showing various imaginary locations. The things contained in each miniature model are 1/6th to 1/12th the size of their real world counterparts. Finger builds each of the dioramas while looking through his camera's viewfinder, which ensures that everything he constructs conforms nicely to the perspective limits of his lens.