Why Having Your Portrait Made Is Important

My friend Matthew Simmons and I did recently did a photo shoot with an amazing little girl named Desi Robinson. After sending Renee, Desi's mother, the finished images and talking to her a few days after, something really hit me.

Renee thanked me for asking Desi to do a shoot with Matthew and I, because she had "come so far" since having that experience. After hearing this, I wanted to explore this idea a little more.

Teen Collects 50,000 Signatures to Protest the Use of Photoshop by Magazines

It's common knowledge that models in magazines are Photoshopped to look the way that they do -- often to the detriment of the young girls that aspire to have these computer generated figures -- but for the most part protests have come in the form of ad campaigns like Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. But in the past couple of weeks, 14-year-old Julia Bluhm decided to take a different approach.