Beautiful Joshua Tree Time Lapse Captures Ecosystem Endangered by Climate Change

In May of 2012, filmmaker and photographer Sungjin Ahn set out to capture something both beautiful and somewhat rare: the Joshua Tree.

But what began as a simple time-lapse of the trees -- which can only be found in western Arizona, southeastern California, southern Nevada, and southwestern Utah -- turned into something more for Ahn when he discovered that Joshua Tree National Park might someday lose the right to that name.

Time Lapse in Joshua Tree National Park During the Perseid Meteor Shower

Last week we featured a stunning time-lapse video that unfortunately failed to capture Perseid meteor shower well because of too much air traffic in the area. Landscape photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee attempted the same kind of video in Joshua Tree National Park. Even though there's still quite a bit of air traffic, you can clearly see quite a few shooting stars that light up the sky.