These Elegant Self-Portraits are a Masterclass in Minimalist Composition

In her ongoing series Reflections 2, photographer Ziqian Liu shows just how creative you can get when you limit your props and subject matter, and master composition instead. Throughout the series, Liu uses only herself, various plant life, the occasional fruit, and a round mirror to craft images that are at once symbolic and striking.

Fun Photos of Fruits & Veggies Busting Sick Skateboarding Moves

If you don't play with your food, it'll just have to go play by itself! That seems to be the message behind photographer Benoit Jammes' fun photo series Skitchen, which features all sorts of fruits and veggies bustin' sick skateboarding moves all around the kitchen.

Beware of Fruit: Instagram Experiences a Massive Fruit Diet Spam Attack

It was only a matter of time until spammers got ahold of Instagram, and yesterday it finally happened. Even though the Facebook-owned company hasn't yet made any moves into advertising, you may have noticed an awful lot of pictures of fruit on your feed this weekend.

That's because some spammers managed to hack many an Instagram account Saturday, posting random photos of fruit and singing the praises of a "miracle fruit diet."