Why Do We Struggle to Respect Women in the Arts?

We all have heard about cases of sexual harassment or simply disrespectful attitutes towards females in workplaces, which sometimes get buried under the never ending mazes of bureaucracy, some other times they lead to job losses, penalties, warnings, sometimes plain ignorance.

The Ugly Side of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife and their habitat are facing a new threat—from unethical practices deployed by a new breed of nature photographers. An exponential surge in the popularity of nature photography is unknowingly altering species behaviour and creating habitat disturbances.

Tour Manager: Concert Photogs Who Want Payment for Social Media Use Can ‘F*** Off’

One would think that those in the photography and music industries would act as allies -- both industries, after all, are built upon the hard work or artists and storytellers who have spent years honing their craft.

However, all too often, they wind up butting heads as was the case with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus story two days ago and, now, with this Facebook rant from a major band's tour manager.