10 Rules for Beginner Photographers: An Easier Path to Great Photos

I think photography educators teach and talk about photography to beginners in an overly complicated way. It’s all concepts, jargon, theories, and numbers. It should be focused on composition and how to take ‘better’ photographs as this is what most beginners join courses to learn.

How to Get Started in Photography

Photography is full of baffling jargon and complex numbers to the uninitiated, and it can be daunting for beginning photographers. If you are just starting out, here is an introductory guide for fundamental things you need to have and know before you jump into the wonderful world of photography.

Camera Basics: Understanding Shutter Speed

Do you know your camera basics? Today we dive into shutter speed and teach you all the ways you can use shutter speed to unlock your creativity and expand your photography style. Learn how to show fluid movement or capture a split second and what styles of photography these shutters speed options are best for.

The Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Known as a Beginner Photographer

Oh the road to becoming the best photographer you can be, you come across loads of useful information... and some not-so-useful information. Sometimes, it's hard to separate what you need to retain and what you don't. This 22-minute video is a list of things that I should have paid more attention to when I was first starting.

How to Put Together Your Very First Fashion Shoot

You may have the eye, the talent, and all of the other necessary hard skills to make it in the commercial world. The only thing you lack is a portfolio relevant to the stuff you want to get paid to shoot. It’s a classic chicken and egg problem.

Creating your portfolio is easy. Assuming you have everything else up to par, it’s as simple as three steps: Concept, Connect, Create. This is something I recently did to expand my Asia portfolio while traveling through Hong Kong and Taiwan. I assembled a team like for any other shoot, albeit a limited team because it was a test shoot.

My Top 10 Tips for a Brand New Photographer, From a Slightly-Not-So Brand New One

Hello. My name’s Tom. After two years of tinkering around with DSLR photography, I believe that I may have passed an important milestone and successfully made the transition from amateur to enthusiast. I am by no means great, but I am aware of how great I’m not, which I’m told is a significant step.