Kyle Agee

Staff Writer

Kyle Agee is a lifelong photography enthusiast and educator based in Northwest Arkansas who has worked for the last 20 years as a commercial and documentary photographer. Kyle has a deep love for analog and alternative process photography and routinely works in medium and large format film as well as lith, cyanotype, and wetplate collodion. For the past 12 years, Kyle has taught all aspects of photography at the university level and gains deep fulfillment from watching other photographers progress along their journey.

Articles by Kyle Agee

The 75, 85, 100 Rule of Shooting: How to Be a Happier Photographer

We have all heard that “real photographers get it right in camera.” Whether it is attached to some asinine argument about shooting RAW vs JPEG or a preachy lecture about the pitfalls of using anything but manual mode, there can be a lot of pressure to get perfect images right out of the camera. There can also be an apathetic tendency to just “fix it in post”. Both extremes have their downfalls and I have found that a balanced approach is essential for personal development and happiness.

You Are Still a Photographer, Even If No One Likes Your Images

I think we have all been there. After the culling, editing, and sweating over every detail we post our latest masterpiece only to be greeted by three likes. One is from our mother, the other two from our friends that know nothing about photography. It is demoralizing.