Magical Photos of the Aurora Lights That Shone Over Earth This Weekend

aurora lights across the world
Left to right: Dan Martland in New York, Raghuvamsh Chavali in Canada, and Adam Allen in the U.K.

After a giant sunspot launched a series of solar storms toward Earth, photographers and general onlookers alike were greeted by supercharged aurora lights on Friday night.

The colorful display could be seen across the United States, Canada, and Europe. For many, it was the fulfillment of a life-long dream to see the northern lights.

Here is a roundup of just some of the spectacular photos captured on camera this past weekend.

United States and Canada

Regular PetaPixel contributor Dan Martland was in the Catskill Mountains near Woodstock in upstate New York capturing a galaxy of bright colors shining in the sky.

Panoramic view of vibrant Aurora Borealis reflecting on a serene lake with distant mountains under a starry night sky.
Dan Martland
A vibrant aurora borealis displays bursts of pink and green light spreading across a night sky, with silhouetted treetops visible at the bottom.
Martland likened the aurora lights to a “dream.”
Vibrant northern lights (aurora borealis) display vivid purple, green, and pink streaks extending upwards over a shadowy lake and mountain horizon under a starlit sky.
Dan Martland
A vibrant display of the Northern Lights with streaks of green and purple colors in the night sky over a calm lake, reflecting the moon and aurora colors.
Dan Martland

PetaPixel’s very own Jeremy Gray was also in the state of New York, close to Buffalo, capturing the northern lights.

A vibrant display of the northern lights in a clear night sky, with vivid colors ranging from deep violet to bright green, alongside a visible moon.
Jeremy Gray
A striking image of the night sky with shimmering pink and purple aurora beams radiating diagonally against a deep purple backdrop filled with stars.
Jeremy Gray
A night sky illuminated by a pale purple aurora with stars visible and a bright celestial body, possibly a planet or moon, shining vividly above a faintly lit landscape.
Jeremy shot this one on his smartphone.

Space photographer extraordinaire Andrew McCarthy traveled to Canada where he shot “thousands of photos” while declaring “aurora chasing may be my new addiction.”

A vibrant display of the Northern Lights, featuring swirling green and purple hues across a starry sky, with a silhouette of a person observing below beside a large body of water.
Andrew McCarthy
A captivating image of the northern lights displaying vibrant green hues against a starry night sky, with light rays dramatically radiating outward from a central point.
Andrew McCarthy

Raghuvamsh Chavali was in southern Ontario to capture the G5 solar storm and tells PetaPixel he had “always wished for a day when everyone in Canada could see the stunning northern lights.”

An inuksuk silhouette against a night sky illuminated by vibrant purple and green aurora borealis, with a bright star visible near the horizon.
Raghuvamsh Chavali
Northern lights displaying vibrant green hues over a calm sea with a rocky shoreline in the foreground under a starlit sky.
Raghuvamsh Chavali
A night sky displaying vibrant aurora borealis with green, purple, and pink colors, silhouetting a leafless tree and shrubs against a starry background.
Raghuvamsh Chavali
A vibrant aurora borealis stretches across a night sky above a silhouetted, leafless tree, with the blurred motion of wind turbines visible in the foreground.
Raghuvamsh Chavali


Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Europe was also being treated to a show with Adam Allen capturing strong colors in Suffolk, England.

A vibrant display of the Northern Lights in the night sky, showcasing a spectrum of colors from green and red to purple, over a silhouette of a forested landscape.
Adam Allen via CC
A vibrant sunset with hues of red, orange, and yellow behind silhouetted trees in a park, creating a mystical and colorful sky.
Adam Allen via CC

Daniel Mennerich captured the aurora borealis from Dortmund, Germany.

Night sky draped with the Northern Lights in shades of pink and green above a dark landscape with a silhouette of trees and faint lights on the horizon.
Daniel Mennerich via CC

When NASA put out a call for photos of the lights, Dr. Kelly Redmond showed off her photos of the aurora above Northern Ireland

Speaking of NASA, the space agency selected Polish photographer Mariusz Durlej’s stunning image as Astronomy Picture of the Day for his mesmerizing photos taken near Raciborz.

The lights were even visible across India.

NBC News reports that more auroras are being forecast with “severe and extreme” geomagnetic strorms likely meaning the lights could still be around on Monday and Tuesday night. So keep an eye out as there may be photos to capture yet.