Photographer Dies After Being Swept Into the Sea While Shooting Big Waves

Photographer dies shooting photos of waves
The photographer was hoisted from the water but died later. | 1-1-2 Canarias

A photographer on the Canary Island of Tenerife has died while taking photos of 16-foot waves crashing against the shore.

The photographer was a 53-year-old tourist from the Czech Republic who died on Wednesday afternoon in the town of Puerto de la Cruz after a huge wave came inland and swept him to sea.

Footage shows rescuers tied to a helicopter pulling him from the water during high tide but the photographer was already in cardiac arrest.

The paramedics tried to resuscitate him in the air but he died not long after arriving at a helipad where a doctor was waiting to treat him.

Tenerife officials had issued warnings of potential floods in the area ahead of Wednesday due to stormy seas in the Atlantic Ocean urging people to take precautions in the dock or breakwater areas and to avoid coastal roads and nautical sports.

Photos shared by local police show rocks and debris strewn across the beachfront — with homes flooded after surging water tore off doors.

In mainland Spain, four people have died in the last month after falling into the sea during bad weather.

Photographer dies shooting photos of waves
Emergency service crews examine the damage made by the storm. | Policia Local

Always Take Care and Follow Advice

It is easy to forget just how dangerous photography can be, in February PetaPixel reported on the passing of 19-year-old Jonathan Fielding who he fell to his death while taking photos of a canyon in Utah.

Fielding lost his footing while searching for a better spot to train his camera from, the shaky ground causing him to slip over the canyon edge, according to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

And it’s not just photographers, people seeking selfies also find themselves in dangerous situations, such as 39-year-old Inessa Polenko who fell more than 170 feet to her death after she stumbled while taking a selfie from a cliff top viewing platform.