All The Terrifying AI Videos Made by OpenAI’s Sora So Far

Sora Examples

Since OpenAI announced Sora last week, its upcoming AI video generator, there has been plenty of buzz as the world reacts to the novel technology.

Sora has not been unleashed yet. Instead, it is available to “red teamers to assess critical areas for harms or risks” and a “number of visual artists, designers, and filmmakers to gain feedback on how to advance the model to be most helpful for creative professionals.”

A number of eye-popping videos made by Sora have appeared online and PetaPixel has rounded up intriguing examples found on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

The majority of the videos were put out by OpenAI itself but CEO Sam Altman was taking prompt requests such as the one below showing “a bicycle race on ocean with different animals as athletes riding the bicycles with drone camera view.”

Plenty more example videos are around as seen below. Interestingly, many — if not all of them — are slowed down.

Naturally, there were a few jokers posting videos that they claimed were generated from Sora when they evidently were not. Such as this classic clip.

With the early demonstration of Sora turning many heads and the model set to be released shortly, there are those who shudder at what technology such as this will do when it is released fully into the wild.