Demand in China is Still Largely Driving Camera Sales –CIPA

The latest report out of CIPA (the Camera and Imaging Products Association) shows that demand from China is still the main driver of global camera sales. Sales of high-priced models are strong and shipments are increasing there and in Japan, as we reported back in August.

“Demand in China, which can be said to be the driving force, is solid, and with the tailwind of the weaker yen, sales of high-priced models are strong and shipments are increasing,” Newswitch reports. “Another contributing factor is that consumers have more opportunities to go out and take photos as the coronavirus pandemic subsides. On the other hand, with the successive announcements of new products, sales promotion activities by each company will become more active, and product development will accelerate in anticipation of the 2024 Paris Olympics and other events. As competition intensifies, companies are likely to be required to further strengthen their supply systems.”

So, that means we’ll see the Canon R1 next year right? Right?