RightsClick Plugin For Capture One Will Make Copyright Registration Easy


A copyright management company has teamed up with photo editing app Capture One to create a plugin that will allow photographers to quickly and easily register their works.

RightsClick offers a variety of copyright services to creatives, including easy registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.

“Many photographers know that copyright registration is essential, but they often don’t register because the process is time-consuming and complex,” says RightsClick.

The company already offers photo registration services but for Capture One users, that process is now even easier with a plugin that can become part of their workflow.

“The best time to register is before the photos go anywhere, even social media,” says RightsClick co-founder Steven Tepp.

“The photographer with a RightsClick account linked to Capture One can file a registration application in less time than the average coffee break. We even take care of the spreadsheets.”

David Newhoff, also a co-founder of RightsClick and whose background is media production, notes that: “Registration can look like a chore when it’s an afterthought. But our whole mission at RightsClick is to make registration and copyright management part of the normal business practice without disrupting the real work.”

What Else Does RightsClick Do?

RightsClick describes itself as a “copyright management suite for creative professionals.”

It offers a portfolio management tool that is designed with “high-volume” creators in mind. It has a feature that helps photographers assess and respond to common copyright infringements and keeps track of actions taken.

“If your work is registered, and especially if a commercial entity uses a photo without permission, the settlements can be substantial—even thousands of dollars,” says photographer and filmmaker Jenna Close via a RightsClick press release.

“I use RightsClick now to register new material and back catalog, and the process could not be easier. Plus, having taken action against infringements in the past, I’m eager to use the RightsClick enforcement tools in the future.” 

The founders of this service say they have been defending the copyrights of creatives for decades and, as such, they are more than aware of how the system doesn’t work well for independent professionals. They have pooled all of their collective experience together to build an easy-to-navigate copyright management suite to help protect the assets of creatives at all levels.