A$AP Rocky Makes Photographer Jog With Him to Get The Shot

A$AP Rocky made a TMZ photographer jog with him to get the shot in a hilarious new video and even the rapper was impressed by her efforts.

On Monday, TMZ paparazzi photographer and reporter Melanie Miller caught rapper A$AP Rocky as he was taking a morning jog in West Hollywood.

In a viral video, which was posted by the entertainment news outlet earlier today, Miller trails A$AP Rocky and tries to get the rapper to stop for a photo and an interview.

The photographer asks the rapper a question about his life since welcoming a second child with partner Rihanna three months ago.

A$AP Rocky refuses to pause his morning workout for the photographer. However, the rapper tells Miller then he can film him and ask him questions if she jogs with him at a swift pace.

“Aren’t you going to jog with me?” A$AP Rocky amusingly invites the TMZ photographer to workout with him if she wants footage.

“Can I?” A surprised Miller asks the rapper.

Miller bravely takes on A$AP Rocky’s request and starts jogging with the rapper — with her camera gear in hand.

She tries to keep up with the rapper’s brisk pace and tells him: “I need to get in better shape!”

A$AP Rocky is heard laughing in amusement as the photographer runs after him, urging the reporter to “keep up.”

‘You’re a Trooper!’

Miller valiantly continues filming the rapper. She manages to catch him up and then tries to interview him.

A$AP Rocky looks back at Miller as she pants in exhaustion. The rapper asks if the photographer is alright and checks on her noticing that she is barefoot. Miller says she had to jog barefoot as she was originally wearing flip-flops which were unsuitable for running.

A$AP Rocky laughs at the unusual encounter with the photographer and tells Miller: “This is amazing!”

After two minutes of jogging, Miller is worn out. A$AP Rocky tries to encourage the photographer to keep running with him but she can’t continue and eventually stops.

Later on, Miller encounters A$AP Rocky again. The rapper praises the photographer for her efforts during the jog and offers to take her out for lunch to congratulate her.

“You’re a trooper. God bless you.” the rapper tells Miller. “Look lunch on me… I got you girl.”

Social media users were also impressed by Miller’s work ethic and insisted that TMZ “Give her a raise!”