Mixbook Adds AI Design Tools to its Photo Book Builder

An image of a photo book composite, designed in Mixbook.

Photo book maker Mixbook announced new AI-based tools that users can incorporate in their design process.

Mixbook, which was founded in 2006, lets users make photo books, cards, calendars, and other printable items with users’ own images. The new AI-powered upgrades, however, focus on the photo book making options specifically.

A screenshot of the Mixbook interface.

The new features cover everything from the initial design setup, theme suggestions, and photo organization, according to Mixbook. Using machine learning, the company’s new AI-powered Mixbook Studio can analyze users’ photos, including the size, aspect ratio, composition, and photo quality to make recommendations. It will then show the user various layout and style options, which the user can further tweak and change to get their desired result.

The new feature is meant to streamline the photo book making process while still offering a personal touch. There is also image caption generation to help describe the photos once they’re chosen and laid out. This feature, which rolls out soon in Q4 of 2023 using AI to analyze images to craft descriptors as well.

“Leveraging the power of advanced machine learning technology–and with a fresh new Mixbook look and feel–Mixbook Studio now makes it easier and more fun than ever to turn photos getting lost in devices into personalized stories,” a release from Mixbook reads.

“Today, we’re at the crossroads of two major trends: the AI revolution and a post-pandemic desire to connect more deeply with the people we love. Our customers make photo books to share and preserve memories, but that process wasn’t easy before today. Mixbook Studio harnesses breakthroughs in Generative AI that make personal storytelling with photos more intuitive and achievable,” Mixbook CEO Andrew Laffoon says in a release.

“We’re harnessing AI for good, empowering creativity, and inspiring people to use these amazing new tools to reawaken the joy of photo product creation and tell their authentic stories.”

Three screenshot of the Mixbook iOS app.

Mixbook’s iOS app gets a refresh of its own, taking advantage of the new AI-powered Mixbook Studio upgrades. Uploading images, designing layouts, and crafting products has also been simplified in the app, according to the company. Navigating the interface is also meant to be much easier and clearer with the changes.

Image credits: Mixbook