10 Speakers, 20 Sessions, 2 Days: Rocky Nook Unveils Its First Online Photography Conference

For those looking to level up their photography skills, leading photography education book publisher Rocky Nook is hosting its first ever online conference, called The Art and Craft of Photography.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article is brought to you by Rocky Nook.

The conference features two days of sessions presented by the authors of Rocky Nook’s best-selling photography books including Lindsay Adler, Roberto Valenzuela, Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, and more. These photographers, all top-notch teachers, will each present two different educational sessions that explore ways to develop your artistic voice and hone your photographic craft. Become a better photographer with lessons from world-class photographers—and maintain access to the session recordings for 12 months.

The conference is scheduled for November 8–9 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Pacific Time) and offers an early bird ticket discount of $199 (along with a $50 gift card to Rocky Nook’s bookstore) if you register early.

The Art and Craft of Photography

The Art and Craft of Photography features ten speakers from diverse backgrounds for a total of 20 sessions. If you’re ready to move past the fundamentals and shoot creative and editorial content with your camera, the conference offers two tracks: an “art” series focusing on how to tell your authentic story through your photographic style; and a “craft” series teaching high-level concepts and techniques so you can achieve your vision. This unique approach allows the speakers to pair the “deeper” topics in photography—such as curiosity, imagination, and vision—with the skills, dedication, and inspiration it takes to create great photographs.

The Teachers: Learn from the Professionals

The speakers will help you to awaken your creative spirit, develop your own photographic style, and deepen your understanding of the art and craft of photography.

Learn more about the speaker sessions here.

Why Should You Attend?

Learn the secrets of the great professional photographers and instructors while exploring a wide range of photography topics, including landscape, portrait, lighting, and commercial.

Discover your voice and develop your personal style—and improve your understanding of photography. Awaken your creative mojo and get inspired to go out and shoot!

Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by Rocky Nook.