Adobe Is Ending Creative Cloud Syncing: Here’s What That Means

A window for Creative Cloud for desktop appears on a screen.

Adobe announced this week that it will end support for Creative Cloud syncing next year. This is what that will mean for anyone using the sync feature at the moment.

PetaPixel reached out to Adobe for further clarification on the change and will update this story if it receives a response.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud syncing?

Adobe Creative Cloud sync allows users to save files on their own devices to a folder called “Creative Cloud Files,” which would automatically copy those files to their cloud storage. Those files could then be accessed on the Creative Cloud website and other devices.

What is Changing?

Adobe is discontinuing Creative Cloud sync on February 1, 2024, but only for free and paid personal users. The syncing feature will still be available for enterprise and teams business accounts until October 1, 2024.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud plans all include some form of cloud storage, which seems to be continuing on as is despite the discontinuation of sync functionality. In its announcement, Adobe said the change was due to the company “modernizing the Creative Cloud storage experience.”

That said, Adobe did not elaborate nor did it explicitly confirm this is the case.

What Should Users Do With Their Creative Cloud Files?

Adobe recommended users back up their work to another third-party cloud service or to their own hardware. Though it’s important to note that the software company said all items in users’ local Creative Cloud Files folders would “remain intact and under your complete control.” PetaPixel is aware these are conflicting statements and has asked for clarity, but did not receive a response ahead of publication.

Those who wish to leave their work where it is can do so, but it may be best to back up these files and upload them to a third-party cloud service.

A man stands on stage during the Adobe MAX 2022 event with a "Share" button on display in the background.

Interestingly, Adobe says that current sync folders will no longer be hidden once users log out of their Creative Cloud accounts, suggesting that the folder will simply lose its syncing functionality and become a standard folder on devices.

There’s also Creative Cloud Libraries, which lets users share assets within apps, which does not seem to be going away and is even being positioned as a replacement for Cloud Sync.

What About New Users?

New Creative Cloud users after October 2023 will not have access to file syncing at all ahead of the full discontinuation of the service next year.

There should not be any change to new users who join before that date, however. Though they will, of course, be faced with the same discontinuation timeline as current users.

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