Photography Awards Celebrating ‘Grit, Passion, And Play’ Announces its Finalists

AOP awards

The Association of Photographers (AOP) in the U.K. has unveiled the finalists of its 38th Photography Awards.

732 photographers entered 914 photos with 10 categories on offer to the entrants with a judge from the Sports category commenting on the diversity of the entries.

“Different bodies are captured during a variety of physical activities with strong visual narratives of grit,
passion and play,” says Dr. Rashmi Becker.

A wife checks on her husband who has dementia as he walks in their garden. | Terry Graham
Africa’s largest landfill site in Nairobi, holding 30 acres of toxic waste. It reached the limit of the site in 2001 and is now run by cartel gangs, which rule the bizarre habitat in which thousands of adults and children live and work. | Sam Baker.
A young basketball player on a warm London day. | Philip Suddick.
A junior yarl during the fire festival in Shetland, off the coast of Scotland. | Euan Myles.
Identical twins wearing identical outfits. | Gabrielle Motola
A person leaps into the sea on the hottest day of the year in Britain in 2022. | Andy Lopy
The actress Saoirse Ronan in London. | Sebastian Nevols
Tyler does dips in a gym. The photo is from a project called Gymstars which captures people with prosthetics and amputated limbs working out. | Pete Muller
A game of rugby in Hackney Marches, London. | Ben McDade
A closeup of blue lips, white teeth, and a pink tongue. | Nadia Correia.
A woman and her favorite chicken. | Dan Burn Forti
Amazon parrots in a bathroom. | Jo Sax
Hikers scale a hill in the Scottish Highlands. | Ed Smith
The Notting Hill Carnival in 2022. The London event was canceled for two years because of the Covid pandemic. “I wanted to capture that jubilation as well as the feeling of community and togetherness.” | Sam Hicks
A man who cares for a racehorse in Istanbul, Turkey. | Urs Bigler
Two children enjoying an electric car as it is charging. | Eleanor Church
A child who works in Africa’s biggest landfill site wearing an old boxing head guard. | Sam Barker
A young girl with a balloon on a bicycle in Thailand. | Will Hartley
A driver during the World Banger Championships at The Mendips Raceway, in Somerset. | David Ryle
Jonathan Gregson.
Sarah Louise Ramsay.

The winners will be announced on Thursday, September 28 in Shoreditch, London. The event will be streamed live. For more information visit the AOP’s website.