Rapper Latto Denies Photoshopping Coachella Photo to Make Crowd Bigger

Rapper Latto has denied claims that she Photoshopped an image from her Coachella set to make the crowd appear larger — after it was pointed out that some of her fans seemed to appear multiple times in the photo.

On Tuesday, Latto posted several photos from her performance at Coachella to her 10 million followers on Instagram.

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that there was something amiss with a photo in the series which showed Latto from behind as she stared out at the Coachella crowd.

Some people in the crowd seemed to appear multiple times in the image and certain attendees were replicated on both edges of the photo to make the audience seem bigger.

And in other parts of the rapper’s photo, it appeared as if some of the crowd had been pasted onto the image, even covering the speaker near the stage, to enhance the size of the audience.

The singer’s picture went viral and thousands of Instagram users called out Latto for seemingly editing the photo to create the illusion of a larger crowd at Coachella.

“Photoshopping your crowd is sad,” an Instagram user writes.

Another individual comments: “You cut out the part where you edited the amount of people in the audience.”

However, Latto has since responded to speculation that she had posted a doctored photo of the crowd and denied accusations that she altered the photo.

“Never Photoshopped a crowd lmao,” Latto wrote on her since-deleted Instagram Stories.

“I expanded it so it would fit in my Instagram swipe without getting cut off but it was clearly fu**ed up so I didn’t end up using it and just posted the wrong version by accident on Twitter babes.”

The rapper followed up with an Instagram post showing a video from her Coachella set which she captioned: “Haters will say it’s Photoshopped.”

Latto is most famous for her hit single “Big Energy” featuring Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled. She was among the artists who performed as part of the Sunday lineup of the 2023 edition of Coachella festival’s first weekend.