50 of Andy Warhol’s Polaroids, Prints, Books, and More Are For Sale on eBay

Warhol Polaroids

The Andy Warhol Foundation has listed 50 of the late artist’s photos, books, portraits, and prints for sale on eBay, the proceeds from which will go to benefit its philanthropic work.

“Andy Warhol: Social Network” is a lot of 50 Polaroids, photographs, prints, and posters from Warhol’s personal collection and comes directly from the artist’s estate.

“The sale highlights the importance of photography as a medium for Warhol and celebrates the talented, influential, and extraordinary people who were part of his social world,” The Andy Warhol Foundation says.

Proceeds of the 50-lot auction will directly benefit the non-profit charitable organization Warhol founded with the mission to advance the visual arts. The Andy Warhol Foundation says it has been a “stalwart advocate” for freedom of expression since its inception in 1987. The group says that it supports work that is experimental and challenging in nature and comes from communities that have been historically marginalized.

“Andy Warhol: Social Network celebrates the idea of interconnection through the variety of individuals in these photographs, the accessibility of the global sales platform, and by contributing revenue to The Andy Warhol Foundation, which has distributed nearly $280M in cash grants to support a diverse range of artistic practices over the past 35 years,” Michael Dayton Hermann of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., says.

As reported by Daze Digital, the auction features a host of Warhol’s work that, while expensive, is not nearly as pricey as what any of the artist’s work typically sells for at a traditional auction. Some of Warhol’s pop art has sold for astronomical prices, including his portrait of Marilyn Monroe which sold for $195 million last year. In contrast, there are some items in the “Andy Warhol: Social Network” sale that are far more approachable, starting at around $100 for rare books or posters and reaching upwards of $16,000 or more for other works such as a 1977-era self-portrait.

The auction is open now through April 3. It should be noted that the Andy Warhol Foundation is one of the players behind the fair use, copyright battle that is currently being heard by the Supreme Court. A U.S. appeals court had ruled in favor of photographer Lynn Goldsmith regarding Warhol’s use of her photo for an artwork of Prince.

Image Credits: Andy Warhol: Social Network