The Best Photos from GuruShots’ ‘Incredible Sunsets’ Challenge

GuruShots, the “World’s Greatest Photo Game,” has announced the winners of its “Incredible Sunsets” challenge, which received thousands of entries and over 56.2 million votes. The “Top Photographer” winner of the contest is Xavier Boulenger of France (whose photo is seen above).

The “Top Photo” winner is Lupe Herrera of Mexico:

The “Guru’s Top Pick” winner is Miguel Pascual Mejias of Spain:

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by GuruShots.

Here are some of the other top photos from the “Incredible Sunsets” challenge (in descending order of votes received):

Patriota – Italy
Oleksiy Prysyazhnyy – Ukraine
Alice Scott – United States
Maria Fremming – Denmark
Nicolene Dreyer – Australia
CamiIIe – United States
Barbara – South Africa
Leanne Lambe – Australia
Tayfun Karahasan – Turkey
Frances Hurley – United States
John Slawik – United States
Austin LaBelle – United States
Guy Wilson – Israel
Sana Filipovic – Sweden
Kim Fontenot-Waddle – United States
Manu.A – Germany
Draiva – Lithuania
Ilan Horn – Israel
Monique de Beer – South Africa
Tony Aurelio – United States
Eva Farkas – Hungary
Markus Vetter – Germany
Jay Michaud – United States
nataliealmarode – United States
Daggi Meyer – Germany
Lee Gunderson – Canada
Anomis – Romania

And here’s a slideshow with a much larger collection of photos from the challenge:

Since it was founded in 2014, GuruShots has become a popular platform for photography lovers to share and compete with their work. Over 50 new challenges are launched every month, and they rack up 6 billion votes every month. Over $800,000 in prizes have also been awarded. Head on over to the GuruShots website if you’d like to try your own hand at winning one of its challenges.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by GuruShots.