The Photo App That Busts Photo Management Myths

Frustrated with limitations on what you can do with your photos? Mylio Photos makes it possible.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by Mylio Photos.

Properly managing and easily accessing a large and varied media collection is not easy. Typically, collections can include years of photo shoots, family photographs (digital and analog), and images taken for work, while traveling, or just to document random things along the way. What’s more, pictures taken over a lifetime are probably spread across computers, memory cards, older devices, online services like Flickr or Instagram, or in boxes of old print, slides, and negatives.

The Mylio Photos application will make you rethink your approach to photo and video management. It offers the flexibility and control to do things with your media collection that you may not have thought possible.

You can add an unlimited number of files to one Mylio Photos library that is managed and backed up primarily on your own devices. The secure peer-to-peer network provides privacy, impressive speed at scale, and easy access to images without the cloud or an internet connection.

The app has been a game changer for Matthew Jordan Smith, a photographer of the stars for over three decades who has over 2 million photos in his Mylio Photos library. “It’s just kind of crazy the way Mylio Photos allows you to see your life in pictures over the years and the decades,” Smith said. “There’s just no other program I’ve ever seen that enables that in the same way.”

Keep reading to see how Mylio Photos disrupts six common photo-management concepts.

Myth: A Massive Media Library Will Never Fit on Your Phone

It’s easy to run out of space on your phone, especially if you shoot large raw files. Your options don’t seem great. Buy an expensive new phone with more storage. Upgrade your cloud storage plan and pay more monthly. Or start deleting files.

Mylio Photos offers a better, more affordable solution. The app automatically syncs optimized raw files (5% of the original size but still fully editable and shareable) to mobile devices with limited storage. Most smartphones can hold 500,000 of these smart preview files. It’s convenient to be able to find – or organize, cull, and edit – your photos while on a plane or waiting at an appointment.

If you need to send original files to a client while traveling or on the go, it’s easy. Just click to sync raw originals on-demand to your phone.

For example, Matthew Jordan Smith has all his 2 million-plus photos as thumbnails on his iPhone – and full-quality versions of specific files whenever he wants.

I’ve always thought it weird to have pictures in a folder with a name and a date. [Then] you have no connection to what’s in that folder. But in Mylio Photos, you see a visual representation of the work in each folder. Seeing the organization visually changes everything. Mylio Photos opened a door and helped me start rediscovering work I had forgotten about. -Matthew Jordan Smith, pro photographer

Myth: There’s No Easy Way to Combine Photos if You Take or Manage Them on Different Platforms

If you’ve ever tried to make iOS work with Windows or Android work with macOS, you probably swore a little bit. Yet it’s common to have different photo collections on different devices. Mylio Photos connects your Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and other devices seamlessly. You can access, edit, organize, and share photos from mobile or desktop. Your changes will automatically sync across all your devices running the app.

Myth: You May Put Your Data at Risk When Sharing Images

Sharing photos publicly can present unwanted risks like phishing, hacking, and identity theft. Privacy is central to Mylio’s mission: That’s why media is stored on your devices, where no one sees them but you. As a result, the app has several privacy-protective measures. The SafeShare export option removes all personal information in the metadata—including names, GPS location, and timestamps. You can also add and customize watermarks and copyright information to images before sharing them with clients or online.

Myth: It’s Not Possible to Access All Your Photos When You’re Offline

Ever been on an airplane with no Wi-Fi? Let’s be honest, that “high-speed” network everywhere thing frequently lets us down. Nothing’s more frustrating than trying to access pictures or videos online from the cloud on a slow network. Mylio Photos stores an optimized version of all your files on each device, including mobile. So you can always quickly view and manage every photo, video, or doc — even when offline. Once you’re back online, the work you did in your library syncs automatically so your collection stays up-to-date everywhere.

Myth: Backing Up Your Instagram and Facebook Photos and Videos is a Hassle

Have you been thinking it may be time to move on from Facebook or Instagram? Or maybe you just want to gather and protect the great images you’ve already posted. Mylio Photos can connect and download all your stuff in three clicks. Then it’s added to your library and backed up on your drives. It shouldn’t be a hassle to consolidate a lifetime of photos, videos, and other files.

Myth: When It Comes to Backup, You Have to Choose Between Privacy and Protection

You’ve got tens or hundreds of thousands of photos spread across a bunch of devices. How can you possibly keep them safe without the cloud? Unfortunately, many big data companies skim through your files and bad actors can hack any server for identity theft. Mylio Photos gives you full control over your photos. You can back up your library on multiple devices and the cloud — with the option to encrypt your cloud backup to prevent personal data theft and unwanted ads.
It’s just as safe and much more private.

You can also control your cloud-storage costs with Mylio Photos. Choose which file types to back up to the cloud — only 5-star-rated photos, no videos, only certain folders, etc.

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Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by Mylio Photos.