AI Warns That Photographers May Be Put Out of a Job, Because of AI


An artificial intelligence (AI) program has warned that photographers may have to leave the creative industries, because of AI.

Pratik Naik, a photo retoucher, spoke with Open AI’s ChatGPT bot and asked it if “humans have anything to fear when it comes to text-to-image AI generators.”

ChatGPT is a prototype AI chatbot that specializes in dialog. Users can ask it questions on a wide range of topics, from asking for specific meal plans to summarizing a news article.

The AI chatbot tells Naik that “it’s important to note that these AI image generators are still in their early stages of development and their capabilities are limited.”

However as Naik reports on DIY Photography, when pushed on what will happen when AI art becomes indistinguishable from the art humans create, the AI says that it’s “difficult to predict exactly what will happen.”

“It’s possible that these systems could be used to create new forms of art and media, and they could potentially help artists and creators to produce high-quality images more quickly and efficiently,” ChatGPT writes.

“However, there is also a risk that these systems could be used for malicious purposes, such as creating fake images or videos for propaganda or deception. It’s important for society to carefully consider the potential implications of these technologies and develop appropriate guidelines and regulations for their use.”

‘What if Creatives Can’t Find Work Anymore?’

ChatGPT warns Naik that “there is a risk that they could disrupt the market for creative work and make it more difficult for artists and other creatives to earn a living.”

“If text-to-image AI generators become advanced enough to significantly disrupt the market for creative work, there may be a need for new policies and programs to help support artists and other creatives,” it says.

“Some possible solutions could include implementing basic income programs, providing government grants and subsidies for artists, and creating new education and training programs to help creatives develop new skills and adapt to changing market conditions.

“It’s important for society to prioritize the support and protection of creative workers, and to ensure that they have the resources and opportunities they need to continue creating and contributing to the economy and culture.”

ChatGPT does add the caveat that “it’s important to remember that these technologies are still in the early stages of development, and it’s difficult to predict exactly how they will be used or what impact they will have on the economy and the job market.”

However, it’s certainly a chilling warning straight from the horse’s mouth.

Image credits:Header image generated by DALL-E.